Laluna’s New Ambassadors

How does one give back to a community that has given so much to the success of our business, and allowed us into their country, giving our family a chance to be born and thrive in its smiles, and open arms of acceptance and loyalty? We are of the thought, not just to give in material goods that may soon perish, but to give...

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Caribbean Festival

The Caribbean has been an attraction for tourism, not only for its sandy beaches, warm waters, and alluring temperatures all year round, but also for it's friendly locals, cultures and each islands Caribbean Festival. Some people may not realize how vast the Caribbean Island chain is.  Many think you can see all the islands with just one hop away. Although this may be true...

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A Grenada Honeymoon

A Grenada honeymoon is not usually on the radar for June Brides. But for those seeking an alternative to just getting a Caribbean tan, a Grenada holiday may be just the alternative you are looking for.   The second to last most southern island on the Caribbean chain, Grenada's volcanic soil caters to a lush rainforest, abundant tropical fruits, and magical waterfalls. At Laluna,...

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