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A Caribbean Wedding

June Wedding June has the reputation for being the month of the brides. It could be for the warming of the weather from the spring months into summer in the northern hemisphere. Or from the celebration of pagan gods in the Roman era, that celebrated the deity of Juno and his wife Jupiter (who was considered the goddess of marriage and childbirth). Whatever your...

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Caribbean June Wedding

The trend of June brides, started in the Roman era, celebrating the deity Juno and his wife Jupiter (the goddess of Marriage and Childbirth). Victorian times introduced flowers in the form of bouquets and church arrangements to mask body odor. Modern times have continued with weddings more elaborate, organized and costly, but June is still a popular month of weddings. A Caribbean June wedding...

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A Grenada Honeymoon

A Grenada honeymoon is not usually on the radar for June Brides. But for those seeking an alternative to just getting a Caribbean tan, a Grenada holiday may be just the alternative you are looking for.   The second to last most southern island on the Caribbean chain, Grenada's volcanic soil caters to a lush rainforest, abundant tropical fruits, and magical waterfalls. At Laluna,...

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