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Laluna’s New Ambassadors

Posted on July 1, 2019

How does one give back to a community that has given so much to the success of our business, and allowed us into their country, giving our family a chance to be born and thrive in its smiles, and open arms of acceptance and loyalty?

We are of the thought, not just to give in material goods that may soon perish, but to give the gift of training and encouragement to the next generation of young Grenadians.

Newlo recipients of the Laluna Scholarship with Bernardo and Wendy Bertucci

Newlo recipients of the Laluna Scholarship with Bernardo and Wendy Bertucci – owners of Laluna Hotel

Hence Laluna’s partnership with NEWLO. An organization in Grenada for young Grenadians between the age of 17-24 who come from vulnerable and uncertain circumstances in their home and family situation. Such circumstances may not have allowed them to graduate from their local high school. Now NEWLO  has extended their vocational training to school dropouts, secondary school graduates, college graduates, single mothers and other mature people, willing to improve their lives with proper training with hopes of a better future in the workplace.

We as a family always felt that instead of giving a hungry man a fish to eat, it was better to teach the man to fish, so that he can feed himself and his own family. Giving the man a sense of pride in being able to take care of himself and the ones he cares about.

When we embarked on the search for where to make a worthy donation to this cause, it was a very short journey. This was because upon meeting the charismatic Sister Margaret Yamoah that heads the NEWLO project, we were soon won over by Sister Margaret’s dedication and to the work of NEWLO themselves. We knew immediately, that it was a perfect fit for what we were looking to achieve, on the island of Grenada.

Sister Margaret Yamoah, Executive Director of NEWLO and Laluna owner, Bernardo Bertucci

Sister Margaret Yamoah, Executive Director of NEWLO and Laluna owner, Bernardo Bertucci

Hence the selection of five Laluna ambassadors who were selected from the current NEWLO programme. These five trainees are currently attending NEWLO, but with the threat of not being able to finish their training, due to limited resources from their family, and the majority cost of transportation, school materials and testing fees.

Laluna is proud to have Christy Alexis of Woodlands, St. George’s; Shamol Collins, Gouyave, St. John’s; Reannah Felix, Annandale, St. George’s; Rineka Thomas, Mt. Rose, St. Patrick’s; and Summer Charles, Balthazar, St. Andrew’s.  Laluna hopes to offer internships to their ambassadors, upon completion of their studies and testing. It is hoped that this will assist the graduates in better placement in job opportunities in the hospitality industry, either in Grenada or abroad.

Laluna Scholarship recipients: L – R: Rineka Thomas, Reannah Felix, Shamol Collins, Summer Charles and Christy Alexis.
Staff seated: Ms. Alisha Knight and Sister Mary Ann Deshong, both from the life skills department.

To read more about the Laluna scholarship programme click here.

Read more about NEWLO, which starts their courses with an  Adolescent Development Programme (ADP/Life Skills). This 13 week course teaches Life Skills, as many of the young people who attend NEWLO come from situations and families that are very mentally and physically difficult. This course is about building self-esteem, and confidence in their trainees, in hopes for successful completion of in their training to come.