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Grenada in September

Posted on September 18, 2019

Grenada in September was quite an emotional one with the summer blues kicking in after such a long school break for the kids. Adults, I am sure you are more relieved to have the kids back at school. Hurricane Dorian giving us a near-miss in Grenada, but trampling the outer islands of Bahamas. That is the advantage of Grenada lying 12 degrees north of the equator, and usually, too far south for most hurricane tracks. It is brutal to see how our Caribbean neighbors were so devastated by Dorian. We pray for their speedy recovery.

hurricane dorian

Image captioned from Fox News news feed, of Hurricane Dorian traveling north of Grenada

Wet or Dry Season?

Grenada in September is spent recovering from the August ‘Spice Mas’ carnival festivities. Local Grenadians settle back into routine amongst hot days with weather that looks like we are in dry season instead of the wet raining season. The exception starting today when the heavens broke and the rains quenched the thirsty soil and filling up the water reservoirs, and displaying dramatic colorful sunsets.

grenada sunsets

Cheers to the end of the rainy day

Neighboring Morne Rouge Bay

With the weather so calm and tranquil, with cool tropical breezes blowing, the sea flat calm, perfect to grab a stand up paddleboard or kayak and make your way to the next bay. Here you will see BBC or Morne Rogue Bay. One of the most perfect bays and beaches in Grenada. Because of its deep inlet, it is very calm all year round. Beach your watercraft onto the fine white sand and visit Plywood Bar. Great for a fish taco and a cold local beer.

grenada beach bars

photo by: Plywood Beach Bar

Laluna Villas overlooking Morne Rouge Bay

Take a stroll along BBC beach and at the end, you will see sitting at the end of the promontory are Laluna Villas. Seven villas that were built for the Luxury Caribbean Lifestyle in mind. Designed by Italian architect Salvatore Perna, who resides in Leeward Island of Antigua. Salvatore (or Toto to his friends) has a knowledge of what it takes to design for the Caribbean elements, by residing in a Caribbean island himself. These villas are all five bedrooms but each villa is individually designed according to the typography of the land, on the peninsula which they sit. Prices start at 4 mil to buy, but you can rent these comfortable villas for a minimum of 3 bedrooms (6 persons or 3 couples) for $1,825.00 a night, or a max of 10 persons or 5 couples for $2,235.00 for a vacation or celebration of a lifetime. (Prices are seasonal, so check our Stay page on our website for more details)

grenada villas

Laluna villas

Laluna Villa Amenities

Of course, a stay at the Laluna Villa comes with all the amenities of the hotel, including the Asian Spa with Balinese therapists. Try the four-handed Indonesian Massage. When both masseurs massage you at the same time. Try out one of our four programs at our yoga pavilion. Each day the program varies, to offer, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa yoga or Pilates. The setting is very Zen with views of the Caribbean Sea surrounded by a tropical garden in an open-aired yoga pavilion on the beach.

grenada yoga

Daily yoga at Laluna’s pavilion on the beach

Laluna Sculpture Garden

For an artistic quiet moment, take a stroll from the yoga pavilion into the Enchanted Garden. As you walk along the rustic path, check out the art scene of art installations of Grenada resident artists. Amy Cannestra is one of the artists that exhibited her piece. Amy is now one of the artists representing Grenada, at the premier art exhibition in Italy, at the 58th Venice Biennale.

grenada art

Art installation by Amy Cannestra

Laluna’s Artist Residency

Walk deeper in the forest and you will see a minimalist construction of the future studio of Laluna’s Artist Residency program. Where Laluna hopes to select foreign artists to come to Grenada on a one month program to create, teach and host workshops for local artists and schools. Teaching new techniques to an eager artistic learning community. Laluna guests may also take advantage of the studio, to go there to learn and to create themselves.

grenada beach bar and lounge

Laluna will be closing Sunday 22nd September, for some TLC (tender loving care) renovations. With all the natural wood elements, they do need sanding and varnishing every year. So fear not, we will re-open Tuesday 1st October 2019. For Dining, Spa, and Day Pass reservations, please email or call 473-439-0001. To book your stay with us and get up to 25% off your cottage or villa accommodation with Laluna’s Summer Special for Grenada in September.