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The Laluna Art Project

We are very excited to share with you our new Laluna initiative

The Enchanted Forest – Art & Hospitality

The Art Project is situated in the Enchanted Forest. Half acre of beachfront land that is dedicated to the arts.

A studio has been built with views of the Caribbean sea. The perfect venue to lend creative inspiration to visiting and residing artists.

At Laluna we’ll show the value of artists by providing intimate and unique experiences for you to meet them, learn about their work, and be inspired by their practice.  You’ll meet passionate people eager to share their stories.

This is the idea behind Laluna Art Project. We want to bring together the local community of artists and creative people. Explore new and old traditions and techniques and share them with our guests and Laluna friends.

Each artists works, evolve in the forest, and with the elements of time and nature. Some installations have since been destroyed by the these same elements of nature, while others have evolved with time. Its all in a relationship between the artists, their work and the surrounding forest.

Now Exhibiting the works of

Judith Jarvis

“Quotidian Magic”

Click here to view his show that will be on display from 10th May until July 2024


Below, more info on some of the current artists that are on display at Laluna’s Art Project in the Enchanted Garden. More to come.

Amy Canestra –

Asher Mains –

Bailey & Charley –

Godfrey Luke:

J.F.G Thomas –

Lavanda Mireles –

Maria McClafferty –

Tamika Gilbert –

Susan Mains –

Yolanda Charles –

Wendy Potter –