Artist Wendy Potter-Bertucci - Laluna Boutique Hotel & Villas

Laluna Art Project – The Enchanted Forest

featuring artist WendyP

Flocking Birds

After playing around and making ‘Cocyea’ birds from palm fronds, why not try with discarded alminum strips that were found thrown away at a local roofing contractor. These Flocking Birds a on a pedestal of metal as they get ready to spread their wings to take flight into the forest



Annoying to see how many single use plastic bottles are thrown away in Grenada, as there is no re-cycling program. So a collecting with the help of the restaurant staff at Laluna was underway. Hence the creation of this plastic bottle Jellyfish that sways in the wind in the Enchanted Forest.


Spirit of the Forest

With such a successful collection and up-cycling of plastic bottles at Laluna, the Spirit of the Forest came alive as this installation explodes from the earth and sweeps through the trees, once again connecting to itself underground.

Life Savers

Another by-product of a roofing contractor, these metal discs were a used for transporting the metal sheeting for aluminum roofs.

What a wonderful opportunity to up-cycle into inspirational life messages, that sway in the
Enchanted Forest.