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Laluna Art Project – The Enchanted Forest

featuring sisters Bailey & Charley


We have been living our or sailboat since 2022 and as we explore we are saddened to find so many beaches covered with trash that has traveled thousands of miles with ocean currents. It is with seeing this, that we really understood that ocean plastic pollution is a global problem and can reach even the most remote areas.
We usually do beach clean ups wherever we go, so we started collecting pieces of plastic and old netting. We wanted to create a piece of art that might raise awareness about our ocean’s  health and plastics in it.
Once we arrived in Grenada for the hurricane season, we set to work to build MYLIO. We needed help in getting this project completed. A very big thank you to Francis and his team at The Welding Zone for donating scrap metal and helping weld the pieces together.
We chose to create a stingray because they move so gracefully through the ocean. They adapt quickly and use their energy wisely. The stingray plays an important role in the marine ecosystems around the world by balancing the food chain and they act as habitat engineers that help other marine species to feed. Stingrays are classified in the suborder Myliobatoidei (why we chose the name Mylio)
Bailey and Charley are sisters living with their family on their 47′ monohull named Sonder. They love to explore, meet new people, go on adventures and do good things. B + C would like to see the health of our oceans improve and our use of plastics decrease. They have recently joined IN MOCEAN’s fleet of recycling ambassadors aiming to create awareness about plastic’s potential in creating new income streams in remote coastal areas.
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