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artist Godfrey Luke

100% Amazing Luke
“I always pray before I work. So, my works are answered prayers. I work with paint, charcoal,
wire, and natural material. I work indoors and outdoors–on canvas, clothing, costumes, wood.
Along with working with my hands, I am a performer and teacher—dance, drumming, singing,
stilt walking, handicraft, costume. I pick up rubbish and make something beautiful out of them. I
am amazed at what I can do with things that people are throwing away—things that cannot go
back seamlessly into the earth or the water—computers, microwaves, fans, wires. Inspiration for
me, is God first. It’s all about prayers. The work is not about me. It’s what you find.”
Godfrey Luke was born in Fyzabad, Trinidad. After winning the Prime Minister’s Best Village
Handicraft Competition in Trinidad in 2009, he moved to Grenada to share his work and art.
Luke is an artist, performer and teacher. He has taught drumming, singing, dancing and
handicraft to children in many schools and communities in Grenada. His works in paint,
charcoal, fabric, sequins, wire, leaves, straw, rope and wood. His work has been exhibited in
Grenada at MAREP’s Agricultural Exposition, at the Grenada Chocolate Company during the
2017 Chocolate Festival, and the July 2017 Launch of the North East Cluster Tourism Initiative.
He also won the NAWASA’s Most Original Art Project award in 2016 for his work with the
children’s performing group, Ashanti Footprints, where he is a director.
From 2017 to 2020,
Godfrey Luke has consistently exhibited work at the Art Gallery at the Maurice Bishop
International Airport. Luke is a wire-bender and costume designer. He presented fashion at the
2018 Grenada Chocolate Festival and for Spice Mas 2018, he led the band, Helen Marie and
Associates to an almost clean sweep of winning titles for adult and children’s mas. His work is
currently displayed at his own Chip and Chisel Museum in True Blue, set to open in 2020, as
part of the Creative Calliste Art Initiative.
Godfrey has graced Laluna’s Enchanted Forest with four of his creations.