Grenada 2022 wrap up - Laluna Boutique Hotel & Villas

Grenada 2022 wrap up

Posted on December 23, 2022

a quick roundup

Christmas bbq on the beach at Laluna

After a rainy season, the vegetation is lush and the sun is shining, just another great day to be in paradise on the island of Grenada.

This year tourism bounced back, and the national cultural festival SpiceMas, went off with great enthusiasm and fanfare in August.

There was the launch of Grenada’s Rugby World 7s Tournament featuring both Mens and Womens Rugby that was held at the National Cricket Stadium over the 2nd – 3rd December.

To help us get into the festive season, the annual Carols by Candlelight was held on Quarantine point by the Grenada Rotary Club 4th December.


Then and now

Aerial view of Laluna hotel on Portici Beach, Grenada

Laluna is now 22 years young. From the first establishment of 16 cottages Italian restaurant, lounge and bar on 3 ½ acres with 17 staff.

We have since grown in spirit and size with our Laluna friends and family, to 54 staff on 30 acres of land. Incorporating the villas, the Asian Spa, Yoga Pavilion on the beach, Sculpture Garden, Art Space Studio, and the new Monkey Bar.

the sculpture garden in the enchanted forest

After working with various artists, the Art aspect of Laluna finally took off. Working mostly with local artists, the art installations are a great opportunity for visitors to interact with the artists creativity in a natural environment. A space for one to meander and contemplate, even meditate. For more information on the art installations themselves, please check our website

the monkey bar

With an informal opening, and gathering of friends, The Monkey Bar celebrated its new event space with African drumming and drinks spiked with the seasonal drink of Sorrel. With a cool bohemian vibe, this space is adjacent to an Enchanted Forest featuring Art installations by local artists. The Monkey Bar will be open on select Sundays (follow us on our social media for updates) and is available as an event space rental.


Grenada sorrel Christmas drink

To make your own West Indian Christmas Sorrel recipe:

If you cannot get fresh sorrel, look for dried sorrel or dried Hibiscus flowers that they use for tea infusions.

Boil your spices of a cinnamon stick, 1 fresh orange peel, 2 bay leaves, 3 whole cloves  anise whole, for about 5-10 mins.

Then add your sorrel and water. For fresh sorrel, fill up water to cover fresh sorrel.

For dried sorrel use 10 cups of water.

Simmer for 5 -10 mins

You can leave overnight to infuse, or you can add sugar to taste right away, strain, cool and drink.

We love it with Prosecco for a Sorrel Spritz, or with beer for a Sorrel Shandy, works well as a chaser with Rum or Vodka or just as a sipping juice

How to Celebrate

To round up the festive season at Laluna in Grenada, we have our Christmas BBQ on the beach and NewYears Eve dinner.