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Is it about Summer or Spice Mas 2022?

Posted on May 26, 2022

It’s about Spice Mas 2022

After the cancellation of revelries from the last two years, Spice Mas is officially on. The locals cannot wait to showcase their cultural festival, off to the world.

Grenada Spice Mas 2022

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Different forms of Grenada Mas (Parades)

Grenada Carnival falls in the second week of August. But there is much build-up to the final days, starting from the end of April. From Soca music competitions which brings out the frenzy in your dance moves, to Traditional Mas where you will see the likes of Fancy Indians, or Fancy Sailors to the traditional Short Knee, who will shower you with talcum powder if you refuse their request for some form of payment. Calypso finals, where you sway to the island rhythm of witty lyrics. Not only do the adults get to have all the fun, but there is also a Children’s Carnival, when the day is all about the younger generation, as they parade in full costumes of brightly coloured fabrics that reflect in the sunlight.

Grenada Childrens Carnival

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Steel Pan or Steel Drum

To cap of it all off, is the final weekend of Carnival. Panorama is the steel band competition. The Steel Drum is the only existing musical instrument invented in the 20th Century. With as many as 30-60 pannist, play the composition especially created for each pan group, feel the crescendo of the music that comes from a hand-tuned metal drum. It is something of awe and wonder that will make you an addict to Caribbean Steel Pan music get a taste here.

Grenada Spice Mas Panorama

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Down and Dirty J’Ouvert

Just as you thought you could party no more, it is just the beginning. For J’Ouvert which in Creole means, ‘Dawn’ or ‘Daybreak’ as it starts in the wee hours of Sunday morning. It is when you break out your oldest pair of sneakers and clothes, for they will most likely get thrown out, due the smearing of old engine oil, paint or cocoa, from your head to your toe. When the devils or Jab-Jab come out, they make their way to the street, for a time of wild frolicking. After a good clean up, usually from a swim at a nearby beach, and a good plate of the Grenadian local dish of Oil Down, which helps to absorb the local rum.

Grenada Spice mas Jab jab

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Carnival Monday Night

Time to take a rest before you head out for Monday Night Mas. With a T-shirt and some form of lighted object in your hand or on your head, you chip (slow dance) down the road, following the music trucks, that guide the way through the cool tropical evening air.

Pretty Mas parade

Last but not least, Pretty Mas on Grenada Spice Mas Tuesday, is the event most revelers look forward to. Where you get to dress up in colourful fabric costume, some even with feather and sequins, depending on which Mas Band you sign up with. A parade along the Carenage brings the Carnival celebration to its head, with everything supposedly finishing up at midnight.

It’s New to Spice Mas 2022

There is a new addition this year’s Spice Mas, called Au Revior on 13th August, for a parade of all the winners of Carnival. This will take place on the Carenage, which is befitting to the spectacle, of a cultural celebration in the quaint and beautiful capital of St. George’s.

For a full programme of the Spice Mas festivities, click here

Spice mas 2022 calendar of events

Attending Events

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How to get to Grenada

In addition to daily flights from with JetBlue from JFK, New York, and American Airlines from Miami, Caribbean Airlines has put on new flights for Canadian travelers: Toronto to Grenada 3rd & 4th August and 10th & 11th August from Grenada to Toronto.

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