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Grenada Hotels on the Beach

Posted on October 4, 2021

As the sun draws further away from the earth, and the cooler temperatures are setting in the Northern Hemisphere, there is a longing for a trip that takes you closer to the equator. What better that looking up Grenada Hotels on the Beach, to get you set for you next Caribbean vacation in the sun.

Grenada Hotels on the Beach


Grenada is located only 12 degrees north of the equator. Enjoying an overall weather temperature of 80 degrees all year round. But it is also the intensity of the sun that warms your bones, and gives you back that glow that you just want to show off to your friends in short pants or a strappy dress.


Being so close to the equator, Grenada has the advantage of being warm in the colder months. Compared to our sister Caribbean islands to the north, who may be affected by the cold winds that traverse south from the Arctic. So while your family and friends bundle up in their winter coats, you will be applying your sunscreen.

Laluna Grenada hotel on the beach

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And so begins your search for Grenada Hotels on the beach. As this is where you will spend most of your days, unless you are exploring the interior of the island. Hiking in the rainforest, swimming in a waterfall, or sightseeing one of many attractions that has to do with locally produced food or drink. Check out other Grenada activities you can enjoy while on island.

With only 16 Cottages and two villas, being a smaller boutique hotel in Grenada, has its major advantages. A more intimate feel of being part of a family, is what we like our guests to experience, by staying at Laluna.

Grenada hotels on the beach

Being a Grenada Hotel on the beach, also has other advantages, like the little things, forgetting your sunscreen in your room, or taking a little dip in the sea before breakfast, or just being able to relax with the sand in your toes for all, or just part of the day. Being in a secluded bay, makes it feel like you have the beach all to yourself, like having your own private island in the sun.

Laluna Grenada hotel on the beach

So are you prepare to organize your Autumn/Winter wardrobe, don’t put that summer dress or swimsuit too far in the back of the cupboard. Take advantage of all of Laluna’s Grenada Hotel Specials and Discounts. You will need it very soon, on your next trip to Laluna, Grenada Hotel on the Beach.