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What to pack on your vacation to Grenada  

Posted on August 3, 2021

You have counted down the days, now it’s time to pack, to get ready for your trip to Laluna. While you may be tempted to over pack on your next vacation to Grenada. Here are a few tips of what to pack on your vacation to Grenada and what is offered on your stay at Laluna Boutique Hotel and Villas.

how to pack for the Caribbean

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Clothing for your Vacation

You are in the tropics and the weather tends to vary on rain or sun.

Loose and comfortable clothing is a no-brainer. At Laluna we run on a Bohemian tropical chic vibe. We suggest you leave the high heels at home and instead pack a pair of flip flops, or if you want to dress up for dinner, a nice pair of low heeled sandals.

Laluna is surrounded by a natural vegetation of tropical flora and fauna, and hence the mosquitos that may come with that. When dressing, lighter colours are best (especially white) as mosquitos are attracted to black and darker colours. A preference for long loungy wear for the evenings to cover ankles and feet. If you are planning on dining out at one of the fancier restaurants, then maybe a pair of long trousers and closed shoes for men, as some restaurants do have a dress code.

Make sure to pack your swimsuit, as that is what you will probably be in most of the time you are on property, wether it is swimming in the sea or in your dipping in your private plunge pool.

When heading out to explore the town, best to wear long shorts, a skirt and t-shirt. The locals are very proud of their island and will like visitors to respect their surroundings when going into offices like banks, shops and supermarkets.

A packable hat is suggested, if not, we have Laluna signature baseball caps available for sale along with other branded Laluna wear.

what to pack for Grenada

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The Boutique

Our shopping corner is located next to the bar by main pool. Available in our boutique are your emergency supplies in case you forgot to bring them, like feminine supplies, sun screen, toothpaste etc… We do stock some supplies of Lululemon Yoga Wear, as yoga is complementary to our guests in our yoga pavilion on the beach, and yoga mats placed in your room for your use. If you never make it off property, we do offer souvenir items for sale. You are welcome to bring your own mosquito spray, but it is also available in our boutique if you want to travel light.

Our boutique is not manned by our staff, and we do an honor shopping experience, where you bring your purchase to the front desk, so that we may charge to your room. If you need something that we do not offer in the boutique, please bring it to our attention, and we will make sure to source for you at one of the local shops or pharmacies.

Additional Gear

Reusable bags. Depending if you are planning to do some shopping, Grenada deters the use of single use plastic bags. So helps us preserve our environment and feel free to bring your own.

Reusable Water Bottle. Grenada is a mountainous island, with lots of rivers and springs. Here on the island, it is safe to drink from the taps. Feel free to bring your own reusable water bottle and fill up from your room. The restaurant also offers filtered water at your table. Gleneg is a local bottle water suppler that is offered for sale at the bar. The quality is so good that they have won several Gold Medals in Switzerland for its quality of water.


Grenada’s electricity is 220V 50 Htz. We offer adaptors base on availability, but best to walk with your own if you need to charge multiple electronics.

To charge your electronics like your cel phones and computers that are dual voltage, we have plugs that can adapt for American and British use. Any other electronic device that is not dual voltage, will require a transformer. Please refrain from unplugging any of the electronics like your mini bar and in-room kettle to plug in your devices.

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Reading and Playing

We have an exchange library in the lounge area. Feel free to exchange or just pick up a book for your enjoyment during your stay with us. Games like Chess, Dominos, playing cards are also available in the library or lounge area for guests use. Please ask at Front Desk, if you require assistance.

Talk to us

We do encourage guests to talk to us. Let us know if you need something that will make your stay more comfortable. We send you an email with all the useful links that you can use while on property, like the food and bar menus, art descriptions of installation in our Sculpture Garden, yoga schedule and more. We also provide you with our front desk WhatsApp number that guest can use to make reservations for dinner, so that we can sit you at your requested time. All in an effort to make your stay with us run as smooth as your Laluna Colada cocktail.

So take into consideration that ‘less is more’ when you know what to pack on your vacation to Grenada.