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Grenada Summer

Posted on August 14, 2021

With all that has happened in the past few months around the world, everyone was ready to break out for summer, this includes every Grenadian living home and abroad, who are all ready for their Grenada Summer.

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The Temperature

It can be considered summer all year round in the Caribbean, especially in the southern Caribbean where Grenada lies. Only 12 degrees north of the equator, the difference in temperature from ‘Winter’ time to ‘Summer’ time is only by a few degrees from 80 to 85 degrees.

The attraction to the Caribbean in winter is easy to understand. As north American and European temperatures drop, a warm tropical vacation on the beach and sitting under palms trees is on everyone’s list.

Grenada Summer Festival

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But a Grenada Summer one may think …why? It’s hot at home, why would I head south closer to the equator? Well, Grenada celebrates its Carnival in the second week of August. Making it a heaven for visitors who want to experience an authentic Caribbean festival. Including J’ouvert (which is taken from the French) meaning ‘break day’ or the official start of Carnival at 2am Carnival Monday morning. Then it is followed by two days of Pretty Mas.

For a full idea of Carnival in Grenada, please read our blog.

This year however, due to the current circumstances circulating the world, Carnival was cancelled. As the Government of Grenada continues to keep cases to a minimum, this was the sacrifice that the local population had to make, for their beloved festival. We can all hope that next year will bring with it a state of stability, so that we can once celebrate on the streets. For updated entry protocols to Grenada, please click here.

Summer Discounts

Yet Summer in Grenada continues, the weather still warm with a chance of showers, but it also means lower prices for hotel rates. Guests who ever wanted to visit the island, can take advantage of the Low Season prices. Even take more advantage of Laluna’s 25% off on any of our Cottages with private veranda and plunge pools or in one of our 3,4 or 5 bedroom Villas, for stays until 31st October, 2021. For more details on this Summer Specials, click here.

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Laluna Concierge Service

So even though the Carnival was cancelled, does not mean that you cannot take advantage of all of the other offerings that Grenada has to offer. We have handpicked tours that we feel will be appealing to our guests, and can be booked with our Concierge Service.

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Including a Guided Trip to our quaint capital of St. George’s, with a visit to the Spice Market, or maybe a Grenada Chocolate Tour. Want to be at one with nature? then opt for the Rain Forest/Waterfall trip. There are also opportunities to see the coast from a boat, whether it is with a Laluna Sunset Sailing Cruise, Deep Fishing Expedition, Diving one of many of Grenada’s reefs or wrecks, learning to Sail, or even snorkeling at one of the first Underwater Sculpture Parks in the world. Click here for more details on Laluna’s Concierge Service for your Summer in Grenada.

Reach Out to Us

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So there is still time to book your Grenada Summer vacation. Please feel free to contact us via email: or your can chat with us on our website: Or we will love to hear your voice in person, so you can call us at : + 473-430-0001 or whatsapp us at : +473-415-0083

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Hope to get to have a great Grenada Summer.