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Where should I stay in Grenada?

Posted on July 12, 2021

Some people may ask What hotels are in Grenada? Or Where should I stay in Grenada?.

Well, luckily Grenada offers a range of hotels from small to large, 5 star to a Bed and Breakfasts.

Grenada Hotels laluna

About Us

Laluna Boutique Hotel & Villas offers accommodation as a 4 star hotel. Our price point is more on the luxury side, but the feeling is more laid back and relaxed than other four-star hotels with hovering staff, groveling to your every need.

At Laluna, we like to give our guests the opportunity to detach from the world. As owner Bernardo Bertucci likes to say “The absence of Luxury is a luxury in itself”

When you check in at Laluna Boutique Hotel & Villas, you are guided to our open-air lounge filled with Balinese day beds overlooking the beach. As you prop your feet up, a cool refreshing drink is offered, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, depending how quickly you want to start your vacation.

Laluna Sunset Lounge on the beach

You will be guided thorough the property, indicating the location of our beachfront Yoga pavilion, Asian Spa, Sculpture Garden in the Enchanted Forest, the Sunset Point, Italian restaurant and Sunset Bar & Lounge. Then you will be led up to your room that is accessed from your private veranda, and let the vacation commence.

Laluna Boutique Hotel and Villa views

How to Pack

We suggest that you pack your swimsuit last in your luggage, that way, it is the first thing you grab when you start to unpack in your Cottage at Laluna. Forget about unpacking all the contents, instead adorn your swimsuit and head to the beach. After a plunge in the Caribbean Sea, the memories of your travel to Grenada will start to melt away. Have lunch or a Bar Bite at your sun lounger on the beach.

laluna grenada lunch on the beach

Now that you realize you are indeed in paradise, you can head back to your cottage for a dip in the cooling plunge pool and finish your unpacking. Wash off any remnants of sea salt, in your shower, with views of either your garden or ocean view suite. Slip into something loose and comfortable and head to the bar for Happy Hour. Everyday from 5-7pm at our Sunset Bar.

Grenada Beach Bars at Laluna

Watch the sun slip away beneath the horizon. Take your time to look over the dinner menu, and then head over to the open-air thatched roof dining room. We take pride in offering authentic Southern Italian cuisine. The main ingredients of any Italian cooking, like Olive Oil, Pasta, Parmesan & wine, are handpicked with care and imported directly from Italy. End your meal with a little sweetness from Mamma Italia. A digestif from the bar will help your appetite close and digest.

Laluna Italian Restaurant wines

End your first day at Laluna Boutique Hotel & Villas with sweet dreams, as you lie in your four poster Balinese King size bed with Italian linens. For tomorrow is another day in tropical island paradise, and satisfaction you chose Laluna when you were looking into  What hotels are in Grenada? Or Where should I stay in Grenada?. 

Laluna Sunset Bar and Lounge on the beach