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At this time In Grenada

Posted on April 17, 2020

We’re still here, and safe in Grenada.

grenada sunset

All will remember ‘where were you for the Corvid19’ kind of like’ where were you for 9/11′.

Here in Grenada, we are at a standstill. After the first case was confirmed by a returning Grenadian from the UK, the Government of Grenada took it very seriously, and soon businesses were closed, and flights banned.

The students of  St George’s University were flown out. Grenadians bunkered down, for the first week of mandatory 24 hr lockdown.

This was then extended for another two weeks. So we stay and wait out the time, under the roofs of family. A great chance to be with siblings and spouses, and taking your relationship to another level, through love support and massive amounts of patience.

Tourism Downtime

grenada yoga on the beach

With all this downtime, take the advantage of time spent at home, trying out new recipes (providing you were able to stock up before the mass shopping buy out). Try a new or extended practice in yoga and meditation. There are plenty of YouTube videos accessible online.

Yet also a time to learn the new and unknown. Attending webinars that try to predict the future of tourism in the Caribbean, which will be challenging for the next few months.

Local fishermen to every Grenadian will be affected, by the lack of income of the tourist dollars. There is only so much the government can afford, in hand out paychecks to the tourism workers, now without work.

On the bright side, clever farmers have started home deliveries. Fish that was bound for export is now available to locals for a local rate. Grenada is a lush and fertile island. Crops grow here in fullness and taste. Great when a neighbor can trade you breadfruit for a cantaloupe or pumpkin.

laluna staff cricket season

For here in Grenada, a land that is known to have seen hard times, and the people, resilient to tough circumstances. All of our wonderful and loyal staff are all in good health and we keep communication on a group chat.

The Future

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We hope to open our doors once again and start our business, which will in return, support our local community and staff.
We are offering up to 25% OFF on all of our accommodations that are extended to December 19th, 2020.

With easier booking and cancellation policies, it is a good time to take advantage of this offer, with the ease of canceling if required. Persons looking for smaller, no-crowding properties with lots of open-air spaces, can feel relaxed at Laluna. Book directly here.

We look forward to once again to churn the wheels of tourism in Grenada and sister islands of Carriacou and Petit Martinique. For in tourism, that is so vital for the economy and for locals to feed their families.

No new cases were found in recent testing. Soon declaring that Grenada will be free of any virus. When the borders will be open? it will be determined by international regulations. In the meantime, follow your Governments call for action, so that we may all come out of this crisis together.

island of Grenada aerial view

Photo courtesy: Aquanauts Diving Grenada

Thinking of you our Laluna friends and family. See you soon in Grenada.