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2019… it’s a wrap

Posted on December 31, 2019

With 2019  wrapping up, here are some highlights of Laluna in this year.

Art at Laluna

The sculpture garden continues to grow and with it, the new Art Studio will soon be finished and hopes to launch in January 2020. To begin, we will be offering art classes by local artists. Teaching different skills and techniques in varying mediums, like painting, drawing, carving etc…

The studio is situated at the end of the meandering path that leads from the yoga pavilion into the Enchanted Forest. The studio will also be used for art exhibitions in hopes to promote local artists to the international community that makes up most of Laluna’s in-house guests.

Laluna Ambassadors

In part of an effort to giving back to the local community of Grenada, Laluna sponsors five scholarships at the Newlo school. More on the Newlo blog click here https://www.laluna.com/lalunas-new-ambassadors/

Newlo is an organization for young adults who have a difficult situation in their personal lives but are willing to enhance their livelihoods by putting themselves into the training programs at Newlo. Many students have a challenging time meeting the financial requirements of school. Most of their cost goes to public transport to and from school from their different parishes around the island.

As part of the Laluna scholarship programme with Newlo, students are required to spend one month of practical training in their environment of study. Laluna was pleased to have Rineka Thomas, in the kitchen, Shamol Collins in the restaurant, and Christy Alexis at the front desk.

After their month on real-life job experience at Laluna, these Laluna ambassadors return to school to finish off their theory for their final semester. They look forward to their graduation in June. We wish them all the success in their final exams and futures to come.

L-R: Rineka Thomas; Shamol Collins; Christy Alexis

Laluna Staff

With the end of December, is also the end of festivities of the holiday season. The staff party was a success with staff members dancing into the wee hours of the night. Enjoying a well-deserved break from work and a chance to bond with other staff members and their families. We will like to thank all our wonderful laluna staff who make it possible to keep Laluna running as a well-oiled machine, with caring and compassion for our guests, who come to Laluna for their holiday escape in Grenada. We look forward to the feast they will prepare and serve tonight at our sit down dinner and dessert and dancing in the lounge thereafter.

laluna staff new years eve


Wellbeing Retreat for the New Year

As the festive season ends, so too comes the beginning of the new year. Most make New Year’s resolutions and try to stick with them. January is the perfect time for you to ground, connect, align and restore with yogic tools, wisdom, and wellbeing to start your year in embodiment. Begin planting seeds of intention to nurture throughout the year in a peaceful, lush environment. Saturday, January 4th, 2020. 10am – 3pm at laluna’s open-air yoga pavilion on the beach.

Contact tzaddi at tzaddi@bijagarden.com for full info

laluna wellbeing retreat


Our beloved departed

To wrap up this 2019 blog, we say good bye to our teens, for now we go into the 20’s. We also say a sorrowful goodbye to our beloved pet Ricky. You may have seen him wandering around Laluna, as this was his home. Early risers will have seen him take his morning swim in the sea, and laying in the warm sun on the sand. Many a repeat guest will ask for him and some will bring him treats that they unpack from their luggage. He will always be a part of our Laluna family and we will remember him as a loving and gentle giant.

He now runs the beach in doggie paradise with his life long companion Lucy, who passed away 3 years ago.

the hotel dog Ricky

Beloved Ricky


So farewell 2019. From Bernardo and Wendy and all the Management and Staff at Laluna. Happy New Year for 2020.