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Caribbean Celebrity Hideout

Posted on May 25, 2019

After 20 years on the hospitality scene, Laluna is still considered a Caribbean celebrity hideout for Grenada.

Robert Downey Jr with family and friends were the most recent celebs who came to relax and unwind at Laluna.

The bohemian vibe at laluna, with the look and feel of Bali, authentic Italian cuisine served at the beachfront restaurant, Asian spa with Balinese therapists, daily yoga in the beach yoga pavilion, all set in the warm tropical climate of the Caribbean, makes Laluna a perfect escape for celebrities.

Robert Downy Jr

Robert Downey Jr. with Laluna owner Bernardo Bertucci

Set in a secluded bay on the southwest coast of Grenada. Laluna is a perfect anchorage for luxury yachts whose celebrity clients find with ease, to step ashore and visit an old friend. As was the case of  Steven Spielberg’s famous wife Kate Capshaw dropping off some vintage champagne, for Laluna’s fashion icon guest Michael Kors and friends, who celebrated the New Year with us in Grenada.

private yacht anchorage in grenada

Laluna’s tranquil bay, perfect for luxury yacht anchorage

Fun times when you walk into Laluna and jamming on guitar with the local band is Eric Clapton. Or you may see Morgan Freeman hanging at the bar ordering a Laluna Spritz, Grenada being a long time favourite destination of his.

Laluna is the perfect background setting for fashion photoshoots with bikini-clad beauties, lounging on Balinese Day beds or the by the pool. Sports Illustrated graced us with their presence for the shooting of their annually famous ‘Swimsuit Edition’ shot by one of the luckiest and famous swimsuit photographers in the business, Russell James. Not to mention Victoria’s Secret, Bloomingdales, and many other international fashion houses, with celebrity photographer Russel James. Of course, we must include the mother of all fashion, Anna Wintour, who enjoyed  Laluna’s relaxing atmosphere with the CEO of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Sports Illustrated photo shoot

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Photoshoot with model Michelle Alves

There have been no end to fashion shoots with Laluna’s natural background, all elements that have been handpicked with love by the owners Bernardo and Wendy Bertucci. The likes of Heidi Klum, Kate Moss could be added to the list of beautiful faces to grace Laluna. Speaking of beautiful people, not forgetting Jerry Hall, and her daughter Georgia, now a famous model herself, who danced the night away bringing in the new year.


jerry hall

Jerry Hall celebrating a New Year’s Eve with Laluna owners, Wendy and Bernardo Bertucci

Laluna was the haven for GQ Magazine corporate retreats. Buying out the entire resort for their annual retreat every March, for their A- list clients and fun guests.

The days were filled with work and networking, but evenings ended in play, which usually finished with the ‘Pool Congo Line’.

GQ magazine at Laluna

Laluna owner Bernardo Bertucci leading GQ Magazine Editor, Pete Hunsinger and team in the pool congo line.

From Beauties to genius Laluna, recently also hosted the brilliant actor John Malkovich who was able to relax and unwind in the unpretentious setting of Laluna’s intimate atmosphere with his wife and family.  Their son, daughter and friends had to be dragged away from enjoying the Caribbean sea and all other watersports activities, as they needed to head to the airport to catch their flight home. Luckily the International airport is only 5 minutes away.

grenada watersports on the best beaches of Grenada

Ah, the memories from the first opening of Laluna, with Frank Skinner (British comedian) in his tiger print bathing suit. To Rys Ifans who made us all giggle over drinks at the bar, to Sir Richard Branson falling into the hedge with the owner’s wife (all accidental of course). Laluna’s bohemian vibe continues to welcome the known and even the unknown to its hidden hideaway.

Sir Richard Branson

Sir Richard Branson at the launch party for Virgin Airlines into Grenada at Laluna

I am sure there are many more names to drop…. but who’s bragging?

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