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Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market

Posted on January 4, 2019

the grenada grand anse vendors market
As the families get ready to end their holidays, and wet bathing suits are getting a final dry, have you checked ‘souvenirs’ off your list? Not to worry, as the Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market is only five minutes away by taxi from Laluna. Located on the famous Grand Anse Beach, this vendors market has been branching out and improving their quality of wares for sale.

In search for local craft, one should head to the Grand Anse Vendors Market. The Main entrance to the market is situated right next to the Grand Anse Catholic Church and its cemetery. Entering under the archway, you are immersed in colour, of beach pareos and tropical clothing, which are perfect for your vacation or for the hotter seasons back home. Along with art, craft, local food and bars, the market also offer Hair Braiding, Bathroom/Showers and Toilet facilities. This is good to know if you are making an excursion to hang out on Grand Anse Beach for the day. Here are a few of the vendors we encountered on our recent visit to the Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market.

Spice Necklaces

spice necklaces at the Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market

Jacqueline assembling her freshly made Spice Necklaces

Fresh Spice necklaces cannot get any fresher than from Jacqueline’s Boutique. So fresh in fact, you may even come across Jacqueline sitting on the floor as she assembles her necklaces from Nutmegs, bay leaves, cocoa beans, turmeric, tonka beans and last but not least, cloves. The trick Jacqueline explained to thread the cloves, is to soak them so they are soft and the synthetic line is easier to thread through the otherwise hard clove.
Spice necklaces are a great gift. They smell wonderful and you can hang it in your car, kitchen or any room. It is a great reminder of your trip to Grenada… The Spice Island, so you may want to buy one for yourself. After some time, the necklace can loose its strong spicy smell. You can refresh it by dipping it (not soaking it) in boiling water, and hang to dry.

Fashionable Jewellery

Jeffery DeGale at Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market

Jeffrey’s Jewellery Booth#14 at Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market

Making your way from Jacqueline’s booth at the Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market, you find Jeffrey De Gale. Returning to Grenada after chilling out in Taiwan for a few years. Jeffery uses beads of turquoise, brown coral, sea fans, straw woven chokers and many other natural materials to create fashionable jewellery. Brightly painted calabash also adorn his walls, which he proudly shows off that is done by a young Grenadian artist. You can find Jeffrey in his shop or naturally chilling out once again, in his vibrant blue hammock in front of his booth.

Art Gallery

art gallery at Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market for more Gallery paintings and contact

The Art scene has not escaped Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market. Here you will find the Art-Ur-Way Art Gallery belonging to two friends from Petite Martinique (Grenada’s sister island). Brilliant, bright Caribbean images adorn the walls, alongside interesting contemporary works in fascinating configured canvases. Looking to adorn your walls back home with inspirational Caribbean inspired images? Then make sure to visit their Gallery, and for more works visit their website:

Local Craft

Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market vendor Frank Culture Man

Frank the Culture Man

A few steps further along the Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market, you will meet Frank the Culture Man. His booth is decorated with all his natural products. Woven hats made from coconut palm fronds, which are excellent to keep the sun off your head, while allowing the tropical breezes to ventilate you through your hat. Baskets are also made with the same method which in the Caribbean we use to keep our fruits and vegetables on the counter to ripen. Also on display is an array of decorative Calabashes (which is a fruit that when hardens, has a wood-like texture and can be carved into beautiful patterns). Shelves are lined with intricate necklaces made from natural components. Loofah sponges which are used in the shower which are harvested from the trees. Original Hand painted men’s t-shirts are also available, for those wanting to make a fashion statement.

Eco Craft

gone green vendor at the Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market

Gone Green by Denise, is exactly what as it sounds. This booth in Grenada’s Grand Anse Vendors market offers a variety of craft made from sea glass, from Jewelry to hanging mobiles. She utilizes materials that are recycled and hence, helping the environment of Grenada in her small way.


Finished with shopping, and if the hands on the clock allow you, head toward the beach and you will come across Esther’s Bar that makes the best Mojitos on the island….hands down.

esthers bar Grenada Grand Anse Vendors MarketLocal food is also available at the outdoor food courtyard. Sit and eat under an umbrella or you can eat with your feet being gently lapped by the waves of the Caribbean Sea. Grand Anse Beach can get quite hectic, especially if a cruise ship is in. Not to worry, grab your shopping, full belly and tipsy head and catch a taxi back to Laluna’s secluded beach.

Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach in front of Grenada Grand Anse Vendors Market

Grand Anse Beach, busy on a Cruise Ship Day