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Caring for the Caregivers at Laluna

Posted on May 18, 2017

At laluna we believe in giving back, and what better way to give back, than to help those, who give so much of themselves.

Laluna was happy to host 15 Grenadian staff members from 4 different residential care homes. They all attended a retreat at Laluna, that was co-led by Yoga teachers Jerry Bascombe and Miranda Miller. All in conjunction with ReachWithin, a charity organization who’s mission is to improve the futures of the children of Grenada. ReachWithin believes that the staff caregivers provide the most consistent relationship for children who have experienced abuse or abandonment. It is highly important to replenish the resources and energy of these caregivers, in order to prevent burnout.

charity yoga retreat

According to ReachWithin’s scientific advisor, Dr. Richard Honigman, “parents/caregivers have a certain amount of inner reserve.  Stress, health issues, any number of factors can drain this supply.  In order to offer optimal support to children or be open to handling challenging situations with patience, it is important to replenish these resources.”

caregiver drumming on a drum


The retreat that was held at Laluna’s yoga pavilion on the beach, included gentle yoga, drumming, journaling and walking meditation. Lunch and refreshments were provided by Laluna. “It was a great moment of self care, free expression and pure fun” said Jerry Bascombe, who co-hosted the retreat. Laluna hopes to continue these retreats in the future, as a way of giving back to the Caregiving community of Grenada.


yoga on the beach charity retreat
During the retreat, this poem was written by one of the staff members during journaling. It was so touching that we wanted to include it in our blog.


Sensual written by Sonje Bartholmew

What does it mean

Can it be felt or is it seen

Your body is as light as a breeze

Your breath whistles as air through the trees

The rise and fall of your chest

as your mind and body rest

You dissolve and float away

as you listen and come aware

Yet in Sensuousness and play

So float away body

Mind and soul at perfect harmony

And in the mind there’s no deny

Sensual… the birds the breeze the waves

the air the sound of the seas

Sensual.. so float float away

all the worries and cares now.

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How you can give back/volunteer

ReachWithin have been working with the homes in Grenada for children that have been mentally and physically abused. They have touched the lives of children through assistance with education, reading supplies, reading programs, and assisting the caregivers with the tools they need to continue to look after the children. Wanting to help the children of Grenada?  Check out ReachWithin’s volunteer program, they also offer Volutourism trips that can help you combine your stay in Grenada, and spending some of that vacation time, volunteering at one of the homes. Planning to run the NYC marathon in November, 2017? why not run for ReachWithin and sign up here. Laluna is very proud to be associated with ReachWithin, for more info on their Programs, or how you can help or donate, check out ReachWithin’s website: