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Chocolate Heart Chakra Meditation at Laluna

Posted on October 10, 2016

Chocolate is sometimes referred to as food of the gods. Theobroma cacao: the Greek words for God & food, and cacao, the Mayan name for cocoa. With its natural connection to the earth, the beautiful setting of Laluna will help support the creation of an environment that’s ripe for heart opening and healing. It is the perfect location for chocolate heart chakra meditation.

Simply Magical

  • Cocoa has been used as an antidote to many health issues and in ceremonial context for millennia
  • Very nourishing, now classed as a super food. Rich in many vitamins, minerals & is an antioxidant
  • Cocoa increases blood flow, making the properties readily available to the brain & HeartProperties are amplified when using pure quality cocoa and when used in the context of a safe ceremonial or meditation space
  • Sensations are intensified as is the ability to sit with, or stay with your inner self
  • Enables deep inner connection providing opportunity to reveal the hearts deepest desires, dreams, passions and longingsSupports release of negative & limiting behaviours, feelings, thoughts & beliefs. Past hurts and pain
  • Allows compassion and love to flow again

Join us for our Chocolate Heart Chakra Meditation

Sunday 23/10/16 @ 11am-12.15pm

Location: Laluna’s Yoga Pavilion on the Beach

  • Introductions 10 minutes
  • 15 minutes information about the benefits & properties of chocolate & the heart chakra. And eating of chocolate!
  • Guided meditation 30 minutes
  • 20 minutes time for quiet contemplation & guided sharing

Chocolate tasting will be provided by local organic chocolate companies:  Grenada Chocolate Company & Cray Fish Bay Chocolate. For further information, please contact Laluna directly at 439-0001 or email:

Contact Wendy Bertucci for any further yoga or meditation retreats at Laluna: