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The 5 Rs to Recovering from Carnival at Laluna

Posted on August 16, 2016

With the jubilation of Carnival having drawn to a close, not to mention the celebrations following Kirani James’ silver medal win, many participants are left worn-out from the days-long celebrations. Guests at Laluna can recover by detoxing mind and body at the resort’s Wellness Pavilion.

After days of dancing in the streets night and day, enjoying tropical cocktails and sunny skies, one of the first steps to recovering from Carnival is to rehydrate. Grab a bottle of water from the bar before heading to yoga, or enjoy a cup of cappuccino or fresh juice made from local fruit with breakfast.

Re-center and get back to a place of balance with daily yoga in Laluna’s beachfront yoga pavilion. Offering Hatha, Yin, and Vinyasa yoga, as well as Pilates, the open-air pavilion is the perfect place to rejuvenate after a draining Carnival season. Listen to the birds chirp, the waves roll in, and the wind rustle the leaves as you flow from position to position.

Laluna’s Asian Spa offers a variety of services to help guests recover from Carnival. After being covered in paint, oil, and even chocolate during J’ouvert, a skin treatment at the spa will have guests feeling like-new once again. Find rejuvenation with a Rainforest Full Indulgence, in which a gentle exfoliation scrub is given to renew the skin, then washed away in the spa’s soothing vichy rain shower. This is followed by an application of body mask for a natural detoxification, which is then then washed away again with the Vichy shower. Finally, the body is dried with scented towels, then nourished by with a tranquility body cream that leaves the skin soft and hydrated. Or, experience the Recover Touch, a vitamin-rich antioxidant treatment that provides intense moisture, calming, and relief from environmental skin stress. Between treatments, guests often enjoy relaxing in the tranquility pavilion enjoying a glass of tea and perusing Laluna’s wellness library.


After days of jumping, dancing, and walking to and from events, Carnival participants may find their bodies worn out and their muscles aching. For the ultimate in relaxation, enjoy an expertly given massage from one of our Balinese masseuses. Trained in the art of Indonesian Massage Therapy, Balinese Massage Therapy, Stone Therapy Massage, Tatami Massage, and Mediterranean Ritual Massage, Laluna’s masseuses can help guide your body to a state of bliss. For detoxifying, we recommend the Stone Therapy Massage; a deeply soothing and sensorial massage, this treatment performs an important detoxifying, relaxing and draining action with the use of heated basalt stones. Relieving muscle pain, increasing metabolism and relaxing the tissues, the massage ends with cold stones to awaken the senses.


After days of liming and grabbing street-food, refueling with something substantial is important in the Carnival recovery process. Laluna’s Chef and gardeners have carefully cultivated a sustainable organic garden in order to provide guests with the freshest local fare, and the Laluna menu features a variety of pastas that will help revelers re-carb and re-fuel, as well as healthy fruit and veggie options to enjoy.