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2023 marks fourteen years that Godfrey Luke has been making art and teaching in Grenada, having moved from Fyzabad, Trinidad in 2009 after winning the national Handicraft prize in the Prime Minister’s Best Village Competition. His contribution was a series of wooden sculptures, including drums, busts, and thrones. Godfrey works with paint, as well as specializing in making environmentally conscious art from parts of discarded items, like washing machines, computers, and electrical wires. His sculptures have been commissioned by Laluna Boutique Hotel & Villas, Blue Horizon Garden Resort, Art House 473, the new Six Senses Resort, the Proud of My Heritage Project by the Grenada National Trust, and at private residences. Godfrey is a master wire-bender, creating winning carnival costumes in Grenada and Trinidad.

Godfrey’s work was recently featured at the October 2023 Art House 473 5th year anniversary showing. From 2016, he has consistently participated in the Grenada Contemporary Exhibit put on by Susan Mains Gallery.  His work was part of the Grenada pavilion at the Dubai 2020 Expo.

Godfrey is a founder and director of the performing company, Ashanti Footprints, whose focus is on building confidence and emotional intelligence in youth, and nurturing creativity through the cultural performing arts—drumming, stilt-walking (Moko-Jumbie), dance, drama, singing, handicraft, and academic support. Godfrey has performed and taught in the US, Canada, Venezuela, Trinidad, and Grenada.  As the Creative Director of Ashanti Footprints, he guided the children of Chantimelle to win second place in Grenada’s Prime Minister’s Best Village Competition (2012), as well as winning the NAWASA Community Art Project with an instillation of wire sculptures in Upper St. John, St. Andrew in 2016.

Godfrey’s work can be seen at his space in True Blue, St. George, just off Calliste junction.



Mr Shell Shock

45 wide x 32 “ deep X 72” high – Aluminium wire

Price EC$3,500.00 – US$1,295.00

Yellow Beetle

53” long c 46” wide x 35” high – Aluminium wire, oil paint

Price EC$950.00 US$350.00

Guitar Man

47” w x 75” – Wire and metal tyre hub for base, oil paints

EC$2,500.00 US$925.00

BelAire Dancer

23” base x width 40” x height 53” – driftwood base, wire Aluminium and wire mesh.

EC$1,700.00 US$630.00

Silver Motorcycle

95” long x 54” high x 42” wide –  Aluminium and wire

EC$5,600.00 US$2,075.00

Blue Motorcycle

85” long x 55” h x 37” wide – Aluminium wire, aluminium sheeting, oil paint

EC$6,200.00 US$2,295.00

Red Motorcycle

46” long x 23” high x  12” wide – Aluminium wire, aluminium sheeting, oil paint, plastic wheels, carved coconut head

Price on request

Blue Dunebuggy

48” long x 37” wide – upcycled plastic toy, battery lights

EC$ 1,200.00 US$445.00

Green Chair

36” deep x 25” wide X 58” high – Aluminium wire, oil paint – not for sitting

EC$600.00 US$220.00

Driftwood Chair

30” w  x 70” h – driftwood, metal screws

EC$2,700.00 US$1,000.00

African Queen

9”wide x 17” high x 5” deep – Carved and varnished Samman wood

Not for sale

Spice Queen

36” wide x 50” high x 35” deep – assorted spices, bamboo, plastic doll, help rope

EC$3,200.00 US$1,185.00

Spice Dolls

  8” x 15” – wood base, plastic dolls, banana leaves or colourful ‘pipe cleaners’

EC$150.00 US$60.00

Nutmeg Dolls

8” x 10” – aluminum wire, wood base, nutmeg head, banana leaves clothing.

EC$100.00 US$35.00

Feathered Headdress

Assorted feathers,, headband, sequins

EC$110.00 US$40.00



Godfrey Luke

tel/whatsapp 1-473-423-6748