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“Quotidian Magic”

artist Judith Jarvis

I have been working full time as a professional artist since moving to Grenada from the UK, in 2007. My work can be found in homes throughout the Caribbean islands, the USA, England and Europe. There is also a piece of public art on Grand Anse Beach – a 30 foot mural on the back of the ‘Dive Grenada’ building, depicting Caribbean marine life. I have exhibited as a solo artist and also participated in collective exhibitions in the UK and Grenada.

After completing a BA Degree in Fine Art, I worked at ‘ Harker’s Scenic Studios’ in London, painting theatre sets for “The West End” and Glyndebourne Opera House. This progressed into designing sets and costumes for professional theatres. A love of working on a large scale relates to this time and is apparent in some of my paintings.

Essentially my work content is narrative, and the initial sense of the magic of Grenada (and the Caribbean) stays with me. I revel in the beach bars, fishermen casting nets at sunrise, the Easter tradition of making and flying kites in the Trade Winds, beauty of the natural landscape, the idiosyncratic and the idyllic. Light quality is an important element and I choose from my photographs with a focus on this.

I am proud of having 2 portraits of Grenadians shortlisted for the National Gallery BP Portrait Awards, in London. This was a global competition for which thousands of paintings were entered for selection, each year.

I also have a PGCE degrees in teaching, from the UK, where I taught Art to 11-18 year old students for many years – which I rate as one of my best achievements, and it is wonderful to see the work of those who are now engaged in their own art careers.

Judith Jarvis

tel/whatsapp 1473 415 3759


We have love Mazda

10”x12” oil on canvas    EC$1,500/US$535


Toyota, Duquesne

10”x12” oil on canvas         EC$1,400/US$515


The Sunlit Tree

6’ x 4’  Oil on canvas     EC$9,950/US$3,600


The Sunlit Porch, Carriacou

Oil on tissue paper, primed with acrylic paint, on canvas – 5’ x 4’




Sunlit anthuriums

10”x12” oil on canvas          EC$850/US$315



Red Boat, Duquesne

10”x12” oil on canvas    EC$1,400/US$515



Paradise Beach

10”x12” oil on canvas   EC$850/US$315



Orchid 2

16” x 12” oil on canvas            EC$1,400/US$515


Orchid 1

16” x 12”  oil on canvas       EC$1,400/US$515


Morne Rouge fishermen

10”x12” oil on canvas    EC$950/US$350



Layne with the goats, Belmont Estate


19 7/8ths” x 22 7/8ths” x 2 3/8ths “ (frame) corrugated card mounted on cardboard and skin ply wood, with a wood frame backing, with a cutout layer of watercolour board, all painted with acrylic paint.



Oil painting 8’ x 4’

   EC$15,250/US$ 5,630


painting with driftwood hanging piece, rope, fishing net, galvanised sheeting and transparent plastic fish.



Young Jab

3’ x 2’ Oil on canvas  by request



10”x12” oil on canvas EC$850/US$315


Fishing Boats, early morning

0”x12” oil on canvas      EC$850/US$ 315


First Lionfish

10”x12” oil on canvas       EC$950/US$350


Easter Kites

10”x12” oil on canvas              EC$1,200/US$440


Carriacou Traders

10”x12” oil on canvas           EC$850/US$315



10”x12” oil on canvas      EC$1,200/US$440


Victor and Eric – Rasta farmers – 6’4″ x 4′ oil on canvas    EC$21,950/US$7,990


Original, limited edition prints available from 145 $EC/ 55 $US

Signed by the artist and printed on watercolour paper