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“Through the profound science of yoga there is an unfolding of the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul. Yoga is not simply exercise or asanas. It is about the emotional integration and spiritual elevation with a touch of mystic element which gives a glimpse of something beyond all imagination.”          – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

“I strive to live my daily life deeply integrated, truly holistically, personally and in my work and service to others”. Fay Lobo

Private Sessions

Fay specializes in private sessions where she seamlessly, intuitively and responsively integrates her skills focusing on your needs. Using an eclectic approach that supports and enhances healing and wellbeing, she creates a truly holistic, deeply connecting experience. Sessions can be individual or small groups and can also focus on any one of her healing modalities individually. Here are some suggestions, which may help you to consider what you may find most beneficial. However, please contact Fay for a consultation in order to clarify your needs or for further information.


Address postural issues and/or explore the asymmetry of your body. Work on refining postures, finding options and variations that work for you individually. Deepen your practice and explore how to use breath more effectively within your practice. Address areas of tightness, stiffness or injury or simply find how to release in the areas where you hold tension.
Breath work  – learn how to reconnect to your breath, how to deepen and channel the flow of breath to support balance.
Learn variations of Pranyama such as Ujjay Pranayama (after mastering the foundation of correct inhalation and exhalation)

Meditation Sessions

Fay can support you in beginning or developing a meditation practice. She offers a variety of guided meditations, which can be individually created and tailored for your needs. Experience chakra balancing and healing meditations, either focusing on one chakra ( energy centre) or, on balancing all your energy centres. Fay loves to use local cocoa and chocolate for heart opening and healing.


All counseling sessions are private. See counseling page for information on Fay’s approach.

Reiki Sessions

Fay may also draw intuitively on myofascial and cranial sacral techniques during reiki sessions, which can enhance the healing of your session.

Contact Laluna’s front to schedule an appointment with Fay at