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Laluna Asian Spa

Grenada Spa Resorts hidden gem is Laluna’s world-class Asian spa, featuring professional Balinese masseuses utilizing Eastern techniques for massage, facial, hand treatments, and more.

The Spa features a couples room, wet room with a Vichy shower, Tatami room for stronger massages done on the floor, changing areas with private outdoor showers, and a tranquility pavilion to enjoy the end of your treatment sipping on fresh ginger tea.

We have also integrated our Italian heritage into the spa by partnering with [comfort zone], an Italian leader in spa and beauty products, in order to create the perfect luxury spa experience. This partnership reflects our Mediterranean origins and is uniquely Laluna.

Opening Hours

Days & Hours: Tues – Sun 9:00am – 6:00pm

Closed Mondays

The Spa will be closed from 10th June

Reopening Friday 28th June

 With limited spa menu until August 7th.

We resume our full spa menu from

8th August, 2024

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Reservations: tel +473-439-0001



All Prices are subject to 25% Tax & Service

Action Sublime Biomultiforce Anti-Aging Treatment
With the use of retinol, hyaluronic filling spheres and lacto-proteins, with these ingredients we create a deep and visible wrinkle-reducing action. An exclusive massage to face, neck, shoulders and arms enhances benefits and relaxation.
55 mins, $115 USD

Recover Touch Antioxidant Vitamin Facial Treatment
A vitamin-rich antioxidant treatment providing intense moisture, calming and relief from environmental skin stress. This treatment is also good for the skin that has suffered from overexposure to the sun.
55 mins, $115 USD

Indonesian Massage Therapy

 Two Balinese therapists perform this traditional Indonesian massage that has been used for centuries to renew, strengthen and heal the body. A combination of stretching, rolling, kneading strokes and thumb and palm pressure techniques is all done by four hands to relieve tension, improve blood flow and rejuvenate the body. 
55 mins, $195 USD

Balinese Massage Therapy

 Using the same technique of the Indonesian massage, but with only one therapist. This traditional massage combines stretching, rolling, kneading strokes and thumb and palm pressure, to relieve tension, improve blood flow and rejuvenate, strengthen, renew and heal the body.
55 mins, $105 USD

Tatami Massage

 This unique experience is performed on the floor on a special tatami mat, surrounded by candles.The therapist works with her hands and feet to stretch and relax your muscles and create an unforgettable experience.
55 mins, $105 USD

Mediterranean Ritual Massage Aromatherapy

 Inspired by the energetic spirit and warmth of Mediterranean cultures, enhanced with the essence of the ocean the hands of the therapist dance like the waves, with sweet and nurturing movements that encourage a profound sense of well-being.
55 mins, $105 USD

Stone Therapy Massage

A deeply soothing and sensorial treatment that performs an important detoxifying, relaxing and draining action due to the use of heated basalt stones, where you are able to choose your own essential oils. It relieves muscle pain, increases the body metabolism and relaxes the tissues. To awake your senses, we conclude the treatment with cold stones.
55 mins, $125 USD

Here we combine the two best rituals in one treatment. We are proud to introduce you to the following treatments.

Balinese Ritual Treatment

 A balinese ritual massage, starts with a flower petal body scrub removed with scented hot towels, followed by a lavender and ylang ylang balinese massage.
85 mins, $185 USD

Laluna Aromatic Massage Ritual

Deep hydrating anti-stress face and body treatment relieves states of tension and stress and smoothes and tones skin. It is a journey for the senses, resulting in an intense state of physical and mental well-being and comfort.
85 mins, $185 USD

Rainforest Indulgence

This full indulgence treatment starts with a gentle exfoliation scrub to renew your skin, which is then washed away with our soothing vichy rain shower. This is followed by an application of volcanic mud for a natural detoxification, which is then washed again with the Vichy shower. Your body is then be dried with scented towels and then nourished by our Tranquility Body Cream that leaves your skin soft and hydrated.
55 mins with one therapist, $155 USD
55 mins with two therapists, $255 USD

Balinese Head Massage

 An excellent treatment for persons who store their stress along their shoulders and upper back. This treatment concentrates on your head, neck and shoulders to relieve this tension, and also incorporates a gentle face massage.
30 mins, $50 USD; added to another treatment, $40 USD

Lushly Hands & Feet Ritual

 An exotic treatment inspired by an ancient Polynesian rite for bestowing well-being to hands and feet; its exfoliating, hydrating and refreshing action restores suppleness and hydration.
Manicure: 45 mins, $50 USD
Pedicure: 45 mins, $50 USD


Find relaxation at one of the best Caribbean Spa resorts, Laluna’s world-class Asian spa, featuring Balinese, techniques for massage, facial, hand treatments, and more.

To Begin Your Spa Experience Please come to the hotel front desk, and we would be happy to escort you to the spa; or, if you choose, you may go directly to Spa reception.

We suggest you arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment time to allow you to check-in, change and begin to prepare you for your relaxing spa experience.

All our prices are exclusive of 25% Tax & Service

Gift of Sanctuary

Gift certificates available for all treatments, and are an excellent way to choose a gift without worrying about size, color, or style. Please contact us at