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a quick roundup

Christmas bbq on the beach at Laluna

After a rainy season, the vegetation is lush and the sun is shining, just another great day to be in paradise on the island of Grenada.

This year tourism bounced back, and the national cultural festival SpiceMas, went off with great enthusiasm and fanfare in August.

There was the launch of Grenada’s Rugby World 7s Tournament featuring both Mens and Womens Rugby that was held at the National Cricket Stadium over the 2nd – 3rd December.

To help us get into the festive season, the annual Carols by Candlelight was held on Quarantine point by the Grenada Rotary Club 4th December.


Then and now

Aerial view of Laluna hotel on Portici Beach, Grenada

Laluna is now 22 years young. From the first establishment of 16 cottages Italian restaurant, lounge and bar on 3 ½ acres with 17 staff.

We have since grown in spirit and size with our Laluna friends and family, to 54 staff on 30 acres of land. Incorporating the villas, the Asian Spa, Yoga Pavilion on the beach, Sculpture Garden, Art Space Studio, and the new Monkey Bar.

the sculpture garden in the enchanted forest

After working with various artists, the Art aspect of Laluna finally took off. Working mostly with local artists, the art installations are a great opportunity for visitors to interact with the artists creativity in a natural environment. A space for one to meander and contemplate, even meditate. For more information on the art installations themselves, please check our website

the monkey bar

With an informal opening, and gathering of friends, The Monkey Bar celebrated its new event space with African drumming and drinks spiked with the seasonal drink of Sorrel. With a cool bohemian vibe, this space is adjacent to an Enchanted Forest featuring Art installations by local artists. The Monkey Bar will be open on select Sundays (follow us on our social media for updates) and is available as an event space rental.


Grenada sorrel Christmas drink

To make your own West Indian Christmas Sorrel recipe:

If you cannot get fresh sorrel, look for dried sorrel or dried Hibiscus flowers that they use for tea infusions.

Boil your spices of a cinnamon stick, 1 fresh orange peel, 2 bay leaves, 3 whole cloves  anise whole, for about 5-10 mins.

Then add your sorrel and water. For fresh sorrel, fill up water to cover fresh sorrel.

For dried sorrel use 10 cups of water.

Simmer for 5 -10 mins

You can leave overnight to infuse, or you can add sugar to taste right away, strain, cool and drink.

We love it with Prosecco for a Sorrel Spritz, or with beer for a Sorrel Shandy, works well as a chaser with Rum or Vodka or just as a sipping juice

How to Celebrate

To round up the festive season at Laluna in Grenada, we have our Christmas BBQ on the beach and NewYears Eve dinner.


June Wedding

June has the reputation for being the month of the brides.

It could be for the warming of the weather from the spring months into summer in the northern hemisphere. Or from the celebration of pagan gods in the Roman era, that celebrated the deity of Juno and his wife Jupiter (who was considered the goddess of marriage and childbirth).

Whatever your reason or season for a romantic Caribbean wedding, it is one you will never regret. Getting married in the Caribbean in the summer season means, warm weather regardless and it is also the low season for hotels. As most high season hotel rates fall after Easter, it means getting married in the Caribbean is the most opportune time, to also get the best rate for your wedding party.

laluna resort, for the weddng of a lifetime on the beach in Grenada

Planning your Caribbean Wedding

When making plans for your Caribbean wedding, best to start with the dates, and number of persons you are planning to host for your special Caribbean wedding. Best to choose a property that reflects your style and what kind of wedding reflects you and your partners personality. Most of all budget, as the Caribbean is filled with all range of hotels from uber luxury to your barefoot one-bedroom BnB. The choices are amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

Laluna Grenada hotel on the beach

Your Wedding at Laluna

This blog is an introduction of what we offer at Laluna for your most romantic and memorable Caribbean wedding. We are not big and glitzy. If you are looking for that uber luxurious wedding with all the pomp, then we are not for you. We are however, that special place where you feel more like and extension of your relatives groovy bohemian Balinese-style beach-front property. All set on a chilled laid-back Eco-feel island of Grenada, where spices perfume the air, then we are the place for you.

An ideal ‘large’ wedding at Laluna is for the wedding party size of up to 52 persons. With only 16 Cottages scattered on the hillside, each with private veranda and plunge pool, and King-size beds, gives enough space for 32 guests in the hotel.


Grenada cottages

The two villas that are adjacent to the hotel offer up to 5 bedrooms in each villa.

If you are looking for additional rooms, for those guests that just have to be part of your special day, we do work with neighboring hotels for this purpose, that are only 5 minutes away by taxi and on foot.

As your wedding party arrives on property, let them settle in with a dip in the Caribbean Sea right in-front of Laluna. Start your wedding celebrations, with cocktails by the bar and enjoy the sunset before your feast on our Italian cuisine, all with a Caribbean twist. We can also organize a sunset cruise for you and your guests, for a pre-dinner excursion. A great way for your wedding party to catch up, and for some who even meet for the first time.


The day of the wedding, a Couple’s Balinese Massage for the wedding couple is the perfect answer to unwind any wedding jitters you may have. Or a group yoga session, to get everyone in a zen mood. Once everyone is relaxed, and the wedding couple are all prepped with their hair and make, it’s time to shine.

Yoga retreat Caribbean destination

Walking down the flower strewn pathway amongst our tropical gardens, you will arrive at our pavilion on the water, where your wedding party greet you. Head straight out onto the beach where our bamboo wedding arch awaits your partner for life. Facing the sea, you will say “I Do” then it is time to relax and enjoy all the pleasures of a Caribbean destination wedding. Once all formalities are over, time to pop the celebratory Prosecco. If inclined, dance the evening away, or move into our thatched roof dining room on the beach. Depending on your dream wedding, we are happy to assist in making your dream Caribbean destination wedding come true.

Whether you will like a BBQ for your ‘rehearsal’ dinner or sunset cruise, or a dance party for your reception. We are very easy to accommodate your requests, with our Wedding coordinator Tracey, who will be at your disposal.


Giving the intimate layout of Laluna, you can have the place all to yourselves, if you do a buyout of the hotel. This means even facilities that are usually open to public patronage (the Italian restaurant, the Sunset Bar & Lounge, Asian Spa, and Yoga classes on the beach) will closed to the public and be exclusively available for you and your guests. Check out our ‘Laluna Exclusively for you’ Package

small luxury resort Caribbean pool reflection

So you do not have to wait until June to have a Caribbean Destination wedding at Laluna. Any time of year we are here to make your special day, a memorable one.

Contact us directly for assistance for your Wedding at Laluna.

For a more intimate Wedding Package for two, please check out our Wedding Package.

Already married, but want to experience Laluna for your romantic Honeymoon. Check out our Honeymoon package .

Been through all the rituals and want to celebrate your lives together? Check out our Anniversary Package.

Can make it to the wedding, but want to give something to the happy couple? Check our Gift Registry .

Book your romantic Caribbean Wedding at Laluna, we are all about romance and love.

Please feel free to contact us via email: Or we will love to hear your voice in person, so you can call us at :

+ 473-430-0001 or whatsapp us at : +473-415-0083

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It’s about Spice Mas 2022

After the cancellation of revelries from the last two years, Spice Mas is officially on. The locals cannot wait to showcase their cultural festival, off to the world.

Grenada Spice Mas 2022

Photo courtesy: Grenada Spicemas Corporation:

Different forms of Grenada Mas (Parades)

Grenada Carnival falls in the second week of August. But there is much build-up to the final days, starting from the end of April. From Soca music competitions which brings out the frenzy in your dance moves, to Traditional Mas where you will see the likes of Fancy Indians, or Fancy Sailors to the traditional Short Knee, who will shower you with talcum powder if you refuse their request for some form of payment. Calypso finals, where you sway to the island rhythm of witty lyrics. Not only do the adults get to have all the fun, but there is also a Children’s Carnival, when the day is all about the younger generation, as they parade in full costumes of brightly coloured fabrics that reflect in the sunlight.

Grenada Childrens Carnival

Photo courtesy: Grenada Spicemas Corporation:

Steel Pan or Steel Drum

To cap of it all off, is the final weekend of Carnival. Panorama is the steel band competition. The Steel Drum is the only existing musical instrument invented in the 20th Century. With as many as 30-60 pannist, play the composition especially created for each pan group, feel the crescendo of the music that comes from a hand-tuned metal drum. It is something of awe and wonder that will make you an addict to Caribbean Steel Pan music get a taste here.

Grenada Spice Mas Panorama

Photo courtesy: Grenada Spicemas Corporation:

Down and Dirty J’Ouvert

Just as you thought you could party no more, it is just the beginning. For J’Ouvert which in Creole means, ‘Dawn’ or ‘Daybreak’ as it starts in the wee hours of Sunday morning. It is when you break out your oldest pair of sneakers and clothes, for they will most likely get thrown out, due the smearing of old engine oil, paint or cocoa, from your head to your toe. When the devils or Jab-Jab come out, they make their way to the street, for a time of wild frolicking. After a good clean up, usually from a swim at a nearby beach, and a good plate of the Grenadian local dish of Oil Down, which helps to absorb the local rum.

Grenada Spice mas Jab jab

Photo courtesy: Grenada Spicemas Corporation:

Carnival Monday Night

Time to take a rest before you head out for Monday Night Mas. With a T-shirt and some form of lighted object in your hand or on your head, you chip (slow dance) down the road, following the music trucks, that guide the way through the cool tropical evening air.

Pretty Mas parade

Last but not least, Pretty Mas on Grenada Spice Mas Tuesday, is the event most revelers look forward to. Where you get to dress up in colourful fabric costume, some even with feather and sequins, depending on which Mas Band you sign up with. A parade along the Carenage brings the Carnival celebration to its head, with everything supposedly finishing up at midnight.

It’s New to Spice Mas 2022

There is a new addition this year’s Spice Mas, called Au Revior on 13th August, for a parade of all the winners of Carnival. This will take place on the Carenage, which is befitting to the spectacle, of a cultural celebration in the quaint and beautiful capital of St. George’s.

For a full programme of the Spice Mas festivities, click here

Spice mas 2022 calendar of events

Attending Events

Contact Us so our Concierge get your tickets for you in advance of your arrival, when you book your stay with us at Laluna.

Check out our curated island trips that we can also organize for you, to make your stay in Grenada a memorable one.

How to get to Grenada

In addition to daily flights from with JetBlue from JFK, New York, and American Airlines from Miami, Caribbean Airlines has put on new flights for Canadian travelers: Toronto to Grenada 3rd & 4th August and 10th & 11th August from Grenada to Toronto.

For more information on How To Get To Grenada, and other curated information on Grenada, what to bring, or places of interest, check our website.

Laluna 20% OFF Summer Special

Take advantage of 20% OFF all of our Cottages with private veranda and plunge pool or our 3,4 or 5 bedroom Villas,
when you book directly with us.

Book by May 31st to take advantage of this special offer.

This offer is valid for stays between May 1st to October 1st, 2022.

For more details on our Early Bird Summer Special and all of our Specials click Here.


Please feel free to contact us via email: Or we will love to hear your voice in person, so you can call us at :

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Cricket at the Grenada stadium

Cricket (not the insect)

Last weekend, Grenada was treated by hosting the third and final part of the Cricket Test match between England vs West Indies. Gearing up for March Madness in Grenada. Although there are no Grenadians part of the cricket team that represent the West Indies, did not deter the local population for supporting their representative team against the English. What a fine day it was on Sunday 27th, when West Indies won, and took the Richards-Botham trophy, with an emphatic 10-wicket victory over England in the deciding third and final Apex Test match at the Grenada National Stadium on Sunday.

During lunch break and yes, tea time, spectators were given a glimpse of the upcoming Spice Mas, with the parading of the pretty mas, with colourful feathered and sequined costumes, to the traditional  Grenada Short Knee, and oil smeared Jab jab, that make their appearance on J’ouvert (which is the opening celebration for the carnival revelries)

Spice Mas is the local carnival celebration that is held on the second week of August. More of that to come.

Team Laluna

laluna cricket team

Laluna cricket team gave an admirable effort in the Grenada GCIC inter sector cricket series. After a series of wins, lost today in the quarter finals. We are proud of our guys and lady, who gave it their best, bringing together the Laluna family, through good sportsmanship.

March Weather

March was a windy one, adding to the March Madness in Grenada. The trade winds made their presence with powerful gusts for up to 30knots. These cooling breezes, add to the comfort in the shade, as temperatures average 80 degrees this time of year.

It is also a drier time of month, as rain will sprinkle from time to time, to the grateful gardens that surround the cottages at Laluna. But it also means that is also the season when the bougainvillea boast their blooms of vibrant colours adding  to the March Madness in Grenada.

hiking in grenada

Less rain means that hiking paths are drier and firm footing, making the exploration of the island on foot, a pleasurable one. Make sure to book your guided tour with our personal guide. He will take you off the beaten track to discover the lesser known waterfalls and trails. For more information on our recommended tours, check out Concierge page.

Spice Mas

caribbean festival grenada short knees dancers

Short Knees Photo courtesy: Grenada Board of Tourism

March Madness in Grenada was in full tilt when The Government of Grenada announced that Spice Mas was indeed going to be bigger and better for 2022, as it had to be cancelled for the past two years, due to Covid. This news came with welcomed joy from the local community and the Grenada diaspora who frequent the island for summer, to take part in the Carnival festivities.

With this announcement, Carnival bands and event promoters are in full throttle to make ready for the Carnival season, that will too quickly be upon us in August. So book your travel and accommodations early, to take part of the islands wonderful celebration of tradition and revelry.

Laluna Summer Special

To make sure that you book your trip to Grenada early, Laluna is offering and early booking Summer Special, of 20% OFF all of our Accommodations of Cottages and Villas.

Book by May 15th, directly with us, to take advantage of this special offer. 

This offer is valid for stays between May 1st to October 1st, 2022.

To Book this offer and more information on our Summer Special, click here.

New Entry Protocols to Grenada

island of Grenada aerial view

The final announcement to cap the March Madness in Grenada, is the dropping of the Covid Entry Protocols to the island.

As of April 4th, travelers to our Tri-island require:
– NO covid test required before or on arrival
– NO vaccination requirements
– NO quarantine
– NO mask

Need to figure out how to Get to Grenada? Check our  Travel to Grenada portion of our website, for airlines that service Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND).

Please feel free to contact us via email: Or we will love to hear your voice in person, so you can call us at :

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As the winter rages on in the northern hemisphere, Grenada for January is still sunny and warm. Events are still in place to start off the new year on the water.

The RORC Transatlantic Regatta 2022

The 8th RORC Transatlantic Race, started 8th January from Lanzarote finishing 3,000 miles later in Grenada. This is the must do race for competitive sailing boats, to do the Caribbean season. Read more about the RORC Transatlantic Race.

For Sail enthusiasts and non-sailors alike in Grenada, it is indeed a treat to see when these major players in sailing, come speeding towards shore from the horizon. We will like to extend a big Welcome!Maserati RORC 2022

Photo: James Mitchell Photo and RORC               

This year’s Multihull Line Honors goes to the Giovanni Soldini’s  Maserati Multi70 after crossing the line 6 days, 18 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds (every second counts) with an average speed of 21.4 knots. Read more on the win of  Soldini’s Maserati Multi70.


comanche rorc 2022

Photo Credit: Yachting World                                                                Photo Credit: RORC Transatlantic

The 30.48m (100ft) VPLP Design/Verdier Maxi ‘Comanche’, skippered by Mitch Booth, takes the  Monohull Line Honours in the 2022 RORC Transatlantic Race. Read more about Comanche’s winning records on


Grenada billfish tournament

Grenada 52nd BillFish Tournament

Hosted at the Grenada Yacht Club 25th – 29th January

Here’s a breakdown of the events

Wed 26th Jan, 2022 – Registration Day

Thu 27th Jan, 2022 – Day 1 Fishing

Fri 28th Jan, 2022 – Day 2 Fishing

Sat 29th Jan, 2022 – Lay Day

Sun 30th Jan, 2022 – Day 3 Fishing & Awards Ceremony

Ready to hook the big one? For registration and more information Spice Island Billfish Tournament:

grenada sailing week

Grenada Sailing Week

Thursday 27  – Sunday 30th January.

From power boats you move onto sailing boats with the overlapping of the Grenada Sailing Week.

This year will be a different scene of racing as there will be mostly off-shore legs,  to Grenada’s sister island of Carriacou (land of reefs), and party ‘Kayak’ style.

Thurs 27th Jan 2022

The Welcome begins at  the Camper & Nicholson’s Port Louis Marina
10h:00 – 17h:00 – Final Registration for ALL, including those registered & paid online
10h:00 – 16h:00 – CSA Measurer on site to measure boats and confirm CSA rating
18h:00 – Skippers’ Briefing at Camper & Nicholson’s Port Louis Marina
19h:00 – Welcome Event at Victory Bar & Restaurant

Friday 28 Jan 2022

Race Day 1 – Grenada to Carriacou – Sponsored by Grenada Tourism Authority
09h:00 – Main Fleet Start Racing (08h:55 first warning)
18h:00 – Skippers Briefing at Carriacou Marine for the Round Island Carriacou Race.
19h:00 – Prize-giving for the day’s racing  – Carriacou Marine

Saturday 29 Jan 2022

Race Day 2 – Round Island Carriacou – Sponsored by Tyrrel Bay Boatyard and Marina
10h:00 – Main Fleet Start Racing (09h:55 first warning)
18h:30 – Prize-giving for the day’s racing at Froggies Bar, Tyrrel Bay.

Sunday 30 Jan 2022

Race Day 3 – Carriacou to Grenada – Sponsored by Mount Gay Rum
10h:00 – Main Fleet Start Racing (09h:55 first warning)

Last Race finishes at La Phare Bleu Marina
18h:30 – Final Prize-giving for the regatta

The event schedule is subject to amendments and change. Please check their website event schedule for updates:

Get Wet

Of course there are other ways to get on the water, either taking a sunset cruise or snorkeling at the Molinere Underwater Sculpture Park or even diving on a shipwreck. Our concierge will be happy to arrange one of these water activities for you. Contact us  at

underwater sculpture park

Want to keep it simple, just head down to our water-sports and grab a paddle-board, kayak  or hobie cat and explore the many bays that lie along the coastline. Take some pocket change, you may want to stop off at a beach bar that calls to you to enjoy an iced cold local beer. Or just don some of our snorkeling equipment and explore the underwater off our beach, which is considered one the better snorkeling sites in Grenada.
grenada water sports

However you do it, get out on or in the water. The beauty of the Caribbean in January is being able to dive into the turquoise waters with your swimsuit without a wetsuit.


Moving on from Grenada in January, we are talking Cricket in March.

cricket series in Grenada

Just to give you a heads up and to get ready for the West Indies vs England five-match T20I Series and three-match Test Series for 2022. Experiencing a cricket match in the Caribbean is a one of a kind experience with music, food, all while cheering on your team.

Grenada will be hosting this part of the series from March 24th – 28th 2022. Buy your tickets today at

Book your stay with us at

Please feel free to contact us via email: Or we will love to hear your voice in person, so you can call us at : + 473-430-0001 or whatsapp us at : +473-415-0083

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flights to Grenada

Grenada is fully open for business, again. So you ask “How can I get to Grenada?” Well there are different ways to get to here.

When searching for your flights to Grenada, use GND for your destination.

Airlines currently flying to Grenada

Entry Protocols to Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique

Choosing  to vacation in Grenada is now made easier with the new entry protocols by the Government of Grenada.

Here’s the breakdown.

  • All persons entering Grenada either by air or sea must be fully vaccinated with a WHO-approved vaccination.
  • Exemptions to fully Vaccinated status are Citizens, Residents, Person under 13, Diplomats and Airline crew on layover.
  • Fill out the Grenada Travel Health Declaration Form.
  • Get tested with a PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival. (see suggested Calendar below)
  • No Quarantine is required. hurrah!
  • UPDATE – there will be a PCR testing upon arrival, at no charge for vaccinated visitors.
  • We always suggest that you use the Grenada Ministry of Health’s website to check for updates and changes for Entry Protocols.

Grenada Covid-19 testing calendar

Getting to Laluna


Once you have made it to Grenada’s Maurice Bishop International Airport, Laluna is only 10 minutes taxi ride away. Make sure and pack your bathing suit at the top of your luggage. For a dip in the warm Caribbean Sea, will make all the weariness of travel, just wash away. That, and the complimentary welcome drink that you will sip in our open-air lounge while we check you in. You will soon forget all about the question of How I can get to Grenada, and instead, start enjoying, exploring and relaxing stay in Grenada.

romantic caribbean resorts laluna pool

Make sure to check our newly published Grenada Hotel Specials

Please feel free to contact us via email: or your can chat with us on our website: Or we will love to hear your voice in person, so you can call us at : + 473-430-0001 or whatsapp us at : +473-415-0083

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As the sun draws further away from the earth, and the cooler temperatures are setting in the Northern Hemisphere, there is a longing for a trip that takes you closer to the equator. What better that looking up Grenada Hotels on the Beach, to get you set for you next Caribbean vacation in the sun.

Grenada Hotels on the Beach


Grenada is located only 12 degrees north of the equator. Enjoying an overall weather temperature of 80 degrees all year round. But it is also the intensity of the sun that warms your bones, and gives you back that glow that you just want to show off to your friends in short pants or a strappy dress.


Being so close to the equator, Grenada has the advantage of being warm in the colder months. Compared to our sister Caribbean islands to the north, who may be affected by the cold winds that traverse south from the Arctic. So while your family and friends bundle up in their winter coats, you will be applying your sunscreen.

Laluna Grenada hotel on the beach

photo by @michelledunhamphoto

And so begins your search for Grenada Hotels on the beach. As this is where you will spend most of your days, unless you are exploring the interior of the island. Hiking in the rainforest, swimming in a waterfall, or sightseeing one of many attractions that has to do with locally produced food or drink. Check out other Grenada activities you can enjoy while on island.

With only 16 Cottages and two villas, being a smaller boutique hotel in Grenada, has its major advantages. A more intimate feel of being part of a family, is what we like our guests to experience, by staying at Laluna.

Grenada hotels on the beach

Being a Grenada Hotel on the beach, also has other advantages, like the little things, forgetting your sunscreen in your room, or taking a little dip in the sea before breakfast, or just being able to relax with the sand in your toes for all, or just part of the day. Being in a secluded bay, makes it feel like you have the beach all to yourself, like having your own private island in the sun.

Laluna Grenada hotel on the beach

So are you prepare to organize your Autumn/Winter wardrobe, don’t put that summer dress or swimsuit too far in the back of the cupboard. Take advantage of all of Laluna’s Grenada Hotel Specials and Discounts. You will need it very soon, on your next trip to Laluna, Grenada Hotel on the Beach.

With all that has happened in the past few months around the world, everyone was ready to break out for summer, this includes every Grenadian living home and abroad, who are all ready for their Grenada Summer.

contact us

The Temperature

It can be considered summer all year round in the Caribbean, especially in the southern Caribbean where Grenada lies. Only 12 degrees north of the equator, the difference in temperature from ‘Winter’ time to ‘Summer’ time is only by a few degrees from 80 to 85 degrees.

The attraction to the Caribbean in winter is easy to understand. As north American and European temperatures drop, a warm tropical vacation on the beach and sitting under palms trees is on everyone’s list.

Grenada Summer Festival

Grenada Short knee

But a Grenada Summer one may think …why? It’s hot at home, why would I head south closer to the equator? Well, Grenada celebrates its Carnival in the second week of August. Making it a heaven for visitors who want to experience an authentic Caribbean festival. Including J’ouvert (which is taken from the French) meaning ‘break day’ or the official start of Carnival at 2am Carnival Monday morning. Then it is followed by two days of Pretty Mas.

For a full idea of Carnival in Grenada, please read our blog.

This year however, due to the current circumstances circulating the world, Carnival was cancelled. As the Government of Grenada continues to keep cases to a minimum, this was the sacrifice that the local population had to make, for their beloved festival. We can all hope that next year will bring with it a state of stability, so that we can once celebrate on the streets. For updated entry protocols to Grenada, please click here.

Summer Discounts

Yet Summer in Grenada continues, the weather still warm with a chance of showers, but it also means lower prices for hotel rates. Guests who ever wanted to visit the island, can take advantage of the Low Season prices. Even take more advantage of Laluna’s 25% off on any of our Cottages with private veranda and plunge pools or in one of our 3,4 or 5 bedroom Villas, for stays until 31st October, 2021. For more details on this Summer Specials, click here.

grenada hotels best

Laluna Concierge Service

So even though the Carnival was cancelled, does not mean that you cannot take advantage of all of the other offerings that Grenada has to offer. We have handpicked tours that we feel will be appealing to our guests, and can be booked with our Concierge Service.

grenada waterfall

Including a Guided Trip to our quaint capital of St. George’s, with a visit to the Spice Market, or maybe a Grenada Chocolate Tour. Want to be at one with nature? then opt for the Rain Forest/Waterfall trip. There are also opportunities to see the coast from a boat, whether it is with a Laluna Sunset Sailing Cruise, Deep Fishing Expedition, Diving one of many of Grenada’s reefs or wrecks, learning to Sail, or even snorkeling at one of the first Underwater Sculpture Parks in the world. Click here for more details on Laluna’s Concierge Service for your Summer in Grenada.

Reach Out to Us

grenada summer

So there is still time to book your Grenada Summer vacation. Please feel free to contact us via email: or your can chat with us on our website: Or we will love to hear your voice in person, so you can call us at : + 473-430-0001 or whatsapp us at : +473-415-0083

Don’t forget to follow us on our social media, to keep up to date with all of our News and Specials.


Hope to get to have a great Grenada Summer.


You have counted down the days, now it’s time to pack, to get ready for your trip to Laluna. While you may be tempted to over pack on your next vacation to Grenada. Here are a few tips of what to pack on your vacation to Grenada and what is offered on your stay at Laluna Boutique Hotel and Villas.

how to pack for the Caribbean

photo by @stepinmyheels

Clothing for your Vacation

You are in the tropics and the weather tends to vary on rain or sun.

Loose and comfortable clothing is a no-brainer. At Laluna we run on a Bohemian tropical chic vibe. We suggest you leave the high heels at home and instead pack a pair of flip flops, or if you want to dress up for dinner, a nice pair of low heeled sandals.

Laluna is surrounded by a natural vegetation of tropical flora and fauna, and hence the mosquitos that may come with that. When dressing, lighter colours are best (especially white) as mosquitos are attracted to black and darker colours. A preference for long loungy wear for the evenings to cover ankles and feet. If you are planning on dining out at one of the fancier restaurants, then maybe a pair of long trousers and closed shoes for men, as some restaurants do have a dress code.

Make sure to pack your swimsuit, as that is what you will probably be in most of the time you are on property, wether it is swimming in the sea or in your dipping in your private plunge pool.

When heading out to explore the town, best to wear long shorts, a skirt and t-shirt. The locals are very proud of their island and will like visitors to respect their surroundings when going into offices like banks, shops and supermarkets.

A packable hat is suggested, if not, we have Laluna signature baseball caps available for sale along with other branded Laluna wear.

what to pack for Grenada

photo by @dianashealthyliving

The Boutique

Our shopping corner is located next to the bar by main pool. Available in our boutique are your emergency supplies in case you forgot to bring them, like feminine supplies, sun screen, toothpaste etc… We do stock some supplies of Lululemon Yoga Wear, as yoga is complementary to our guests in our yoga pavilion on the beach, and yoga mats placed in your room for your use. If you never make it off property, we do offer souvenir items for sale. You are welcome to bring your own mosquito spray, but it is also available in our boutique if you want to travel light.

Our boutique is not manned by our staff, and we do an honor shopping experience, where you bring your purchase to the front desk, so that we may charge to your room. If you need something that we do not offer in the boutique, please bring it to our attention, and we will make sure to source for you at one of the local shops or pharmacies.

Additional Gear

Reusable bags. Depending if you are planning to do some shopping, Grenada deters the use of single use plastic bags. So helps us preserve our environment and feel free to bring your own.

Reusable Water Bottle. Grenada is a mountainous island, with lots of rivers and springs. Here on the island, it is safe to drink from the taps. Feel free to bring your own reusable water bottle and fill up from your room. The restaurant also offers filtered water at your table. Gleneg is a local bottle water suppler that is offered for sale at the bar. The quality is so good that they have won several Gold Medals in Switzerland for its quality of water.


Grenada’s electricity is 220V 50 Htz. We offer adaptors base on availability, but best to walk with your own if you need to charge multiple electronics.

To charge your electronics like your cel phones and computers that are dual voltage, we have plugs that can adapt for American and British use. Any other electronic device that is not dual voltage, will require a transformer. Please refrain from unplugging any of the electronics like your mini bar and in-room kettle to plug in your devices.

reading in the pool on holiday

Reading and Playing

We have an exchange library in the lounge area. Feel free to exchange or just pick up a book for your enjoyment during your stay with us. Games like Chess, Dominos, playing cards are also available in the library or lounge area for guests use. Please ask at Front Desk, if you require assistance.

Talk to us

We do encourage guests to talk to us. Let us know if you need something that will make your stay more comfortable. We send you an email with all the useful links that you can use while on property, like the food and bar menus, art descriptions of installation in our Sculpture Garden, yoga schedule and more. We also provide you with our front desk WhatsApp number that guest can use to make reservations for dinner, so that we can sit you at your requested time. All in an effort to make your stay with us run as smooth as your Laluna Colada cocktail.

So take into consideration that ‘less is more’ when you know what to pack on your vacation to Grenada.



Some people may ask What hotels are in Grenada? Or Where should I stay in Grenada?.

Well, luckily Grenada offers a range of hotels from small to large, 5 star to a Bed and Breakfasts.

Grenada Hotels laluna

About Us

Laluna Boutique Hotel & Villas offers accommodation as a 4 star hotel. Our price point is more on the luxury side, but the feeling is more laid back and relaxed than other four-star hotels with hovering staff, groveling to your every need.

At Laluna, we like to give our guests the opportunity to detach from the world. As owner Bernardo Bertucci likes to say “The absence of Luxury is a luxury in itself”

When you check in at Laluna Boutique Hotel & Villas, you are guided to our open-air lounge filled with Balinese day beds overlooking the beach. As you prop your feet up, a cool refreshing drink is offered, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, depending how quickly you want to start your vacation.

Laluna Sunset Lounge on the beach

You will be guided thorough the property, indicating the location of our beachfront Yoga pavilion, Asian Spa, Sculpture Garden in the Enchanted Forest, the Sunset Point, Italian restaurant and Sunset Bar & Lounge. Then you will be led up to your room that is accessed from your private veranda, and let the vacation commence.

Laluna Boutique Hotel and Villa views

How to Pack

We suggest that you pack your swimsuit last in your luggage, that way, it is the first thing you grab when you start to unpack in your Cottage at Laluna. Forget about unpacking all the contents, instead adorn your swimsuit and head to the beach. After a plunge in the Caribbean Sea, the memories of your travel to Grenada will start to melt away. Have lunch or a Bar Bite at your sun lounger on the beach.

laluna grenada lunch on the beach

Now that you realize you are indeed in paradise, you can head back to your cottage for a dip in the cooling plunge pool and finish your unpacking. Wash off any remnants of sea salt, in your shower, with views of either your garden or ocean view suite. Slip into something loose and comfortable and head to the bar for Happy Hour. Everyday from 5-7pm at our Sunset Bar.

Grenada Beach Bars at Laluna

Watch the sun slip away beneath the horizon. Take your time to look over the dinner menu, and then head over to the open-air thatched roof dining room. We take pride in offering authentic Southern Italian cuisine. The main ingredients of any Italian cooking, like Olive Oil, Pasta, Parmesan & wine, are handpicked with care and imported directly from Italy. End your meal with a little sweetness from Mamma Italia. A digestif from the bar will help your appetite close and digest.

Laluna Italian Restaurant wines

End your first day at Laluna Boutique Hotel & Villas with sweet dreams, as you lie in your four poster Balinese King size bed with Italian linens. For tomorrow is another day in tropical island paradise, and satisfaction you chose Laluna when you were looking into  What hotels are in Grenada? Or Where should I stay in Grenada?. 

Laluna Sunset Bar and Lounge on the beach