Why Grenada for Your Destination Wedding?

When talking with brides and grooms looking for the perfect location for their destination wedding, the first question we often get is “why Grenada?” If our automatic answer of “because it’s the best, of course!” doesn’t suffice, we have a list of what makes it the best, too.

The Romance & Seclusion
Grenada is truly one of the most romantic islands of the Caribbean. Unlike many of the other Caribbean islands, Grenada has avoided becoming too overrun and “touristy” and has kept true to its spirit. There are many romantic activities on the island for couples to enjoy. Some of our favorites include hiking to secluded waterfalls, picnicking on one of Grenada’s “secret” beaches (ask resort staff to point you in the right direction), and, of course, couples massages from our Balinese masseuses. For a romantic moment that can’t be beat, watch the sun set over the Caribbean Sea with a glass of wine and your love by your side. We’ve been here for years, and it still takes our breath away.

Sunset Bar

The Beaches
The beaches of Grenada have been voted, year after year, as some of the best in the world. Across the island you’ll find a variety of types of beaches; from volcanic black sand, to white sand, to covered in shells or sea glass, to rocky, one could spend their entire vacation finding their favorite style of beach. The most renowned is Grand Anse beach, but for a private, romantic ceremony, we truly believe that our beach cannot be beat. Grenada was also named as one of the twenty must-visit locations in the world for 2013 by National Geographic TravelerGrenada was given the fitting description of “Caribbean with a smile”.

Laluna Beach

The Ease of Travel
Flights to Grenada come and go regularly from the US, Canada, the UK, and around the Caribbean, and minimal documentation is needed to enter the country. All that most travelers are required to have is a passport and a return ticket. Once here, US currency is accepted as easily as our EC (Eastern Caribbean), so there is no need to worry about exchanging anything before arriving.

The Activities
There truly is something for everyone in Grenada. We’ve often heard visitors say that their favorite thing about the island is that it has so many varied landscapes; when coming to Grenada, it’s almost like a mini trip around the world. At Laluna, visitors get a taste of Bali and Italy; the landscape toward Grand Etang National Forest is often compared to that of Costa Rica; take a drive toward Gouyave and be transported to the Pacific Northwest; there are places on the Atlantic side of the ocean that could be compared to muirs. With the eclectic lay-of-the-land, there are so many things to do here! For those that enjoy getting out into the water, kayaking, snorkeling, and catamaran tours are a must. For active landlubbers there is hiking to waterfalls, mountain biking, and golf to be had. Those looking for relaxation need not go far: Laluna’s Asian Spa offers massage, facial treatments, and manicures and pedicures.

Laluna Resort Kayaking

The Food
Oh, the food! Of course, Grenada’s seafood is hard to beat. The island’s fishermen bring in fresh Mahi Mahi, tuna, sailfish and more. Grenada’s rich soil is perfect for growing tropical fruit and vegetables; you’ll never taste anything better than a mango plucked fresh from the tree, still warm from the sun. Grenada is known as “the Spice Isle” for a reason; a major producer of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger, the flavors from the island pack a punch. As a developing island, many local culinary projects have sprung up, including the Grenada Goat Dairy, which produces fresh, creamy, local goat cheese. Combine all of these wonderful elements in the masterful hands of Laluna’s Chef Daniele, and you’ll have the meal of a lifetime!

Laluna Goat Cheese Ravioli

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons that one would choose to travel to Grenada, and they all come together to make the ideal destination wedding location as well. Imagine a weekend filled with fun, adventure, and relaxation with all of your closest friends and family, culminating with a ceremony on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, followed by toasting your nuptials at sunset and then sitting down to a romantic, artfully prepared meal. It’s memories like these that will last a lifetime.