What to Expect from Grenada’s Climate

As a traveler journeying to the island of Grenada, it can be good to know how to prepare for this tropical and exotic environment. The destination enjoys year-round sunshine with very little rain and plenty of cooling breezes throughout the day. If you are coming from colder parts of the world to visit for destination weddings, honeymoons or a trip with the family, packing right for the climate can be essential to ensuring you have a wonderful time.

Pack breathable, light clothing

Due to the mild humidity, packing light is key. Bring that fun sundress or cotton slacks, as they will be perfect in a place like Grenada to wear during the day or for a night on the town. Much like the resort’s decor, Laluna’s dress recommendation is casual chic. Of course, between the beach, pool, spa, and yoga pavilion, you may find yourself spending the majority of your time in your bathing suit and coverup or yoga pants. Don’t forget your sandals!

Art Fabik's colourful fabrics make beautiful sarongs and clothing

Art Fabik’s colourful fabrics make beautiful sarongs and clothing. Made out of 100% cotton fabric and voile. All available at the Laluna boutique.

Art Fabrik clothing are made of light cotton voile and 100% cotton fabrics

Bring insect repellent and sun block

Breezes often keep pesky critters away, but as in any tropical atmosphere, a little repellent can go a long way just in case. Whether you have a fair or dark complexion, sun block also can prevent harsh rays from damaging your skin.

Made locally from essential oils of Citronella, Pennyroyal, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus

Natural insect repellant from Arawak Islands, made locally from essential oils of Citronella, Pennyroyal, Cedarwood and Eucalyptus

Stay hydrated

Water can be purchased bottled throughout Grenada, so it can be advisable to have some on hand at all times, especially if hiking or partaking in ocean activities. You want to make sure you feel your best so you can enjoy all the wonderful things Grenada has to offer during your getaway!

A natural product of a Caribbean Rain Forest in the mountains of Grenada

Glenelg water is a natural product from the mountainous rainforest of Grenada and a winner of the Swiss Gold Medal for quality

If you’ve forgotten anything, feel free to chat with a staff member at Laluna, and they’d be happy to help get what you need.