What Makes the Island of Grenada Special?

With so many Caribbean islands for vacationers to choose from, it begs the question: What makes the island of Grenada special? While each island of the Caribbean has its own distinct personality, Grenada really stands out from the rest. Those who choose this amazing and unique destination for their next getaway will be rewarded with a welcoming, authentic, and abundant experience, especially if they stay at a picturesque and secluded resort like Laluna.

Less touristy outposts

Unlike some of the other Caribbean destinations, Grenada has remained relatively under the travel radar, keeping it from becoming overrun by too many guests. While cruise ships do occasionally port on the island, they have a much less frequent schedule than seen on the other islands; during cruise ship season, helpful resort staff and locals can advise on the best days to visit popular destinations to avoid the crowd.

Morne Rouge Beach Grenada

Image source: Grenada-Beaches.com

You won’t find massive hotels on the island; instead, visitors can choose from places like Laluna Resort that offer personalized attention and a boutique atmosphere wrapped in up paradise. Best of all, visitors to the island can enjoy Grenada’s stunning beaches without having contend with the crowds seen on other Caribbean shores, giving them the opportunity to truly stretch out and enjoy the tranquility of the island.

Untouched, beautiful nature

Due to Grenada being somewhat of a hidden gem, the island has maintained its untouched, well-preserved landscape. Lush tropical jungles and spans of sandy shores await the curious traveler. Much of the flora and fauna is maintained by park services so that guests for generations to come can hike trails, take tours, and immerse themselves in natural wonders.

Grand Etang Lake

Image source: GrenadaGrenadines.com

Locals welcome travelers with open arms

When on vacation, travelers interact with those who call that area home, be it on the streets, at restaurants, or in a hotel. Luckily, Grenadians are some of the friendliest people around and are happy to offer travel tips, directions, and a smile at any time of day. Take some time while in Grenada to get to know some of the locals, and use the knowledge offered by staff at Laluna resort to make your travels unforgettable.

People of Grenada

Image source: Island Vibes Magazine