Visit Grenada’s Lush La Sagesse Nature Center

While the picturesque surroundings and luxurious amenities of Laluna Resort are tough to leave behind, many travelers enjoy exploring the rest of Grenada and all it’s historical landmarks and natural beauty. To maximize their tropical island adventure, guests can have Laluna’s Concierge team arrange for some exciting nearby off-resort activities.

Explore the island’s natural beauty at La Sagesse Nature Center

For instance, an amazing area to explore in Grenada is the La Sagesse Nature Center. Bursting with wildlife, vegetation, and a wealth of activities for visitors, this farm and gardens welcomes all to enjoy nature year-round. Historically significant, the estate was once owned by Lord Brownlow, who was Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin.

La Sagesse Grenada

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Grenada’s weather is almost always beautiful, and visitors to La Sagesse are encouraged to soak up the sun and explore the Nature Center with guided tours and hikes along the many trails. Thanks to the sun, generous rainfall, and nutrient rich soil, the farm sustains an abundance of local plants including soursop, wax apples, and other fruits. Meals are offered on site, with choices of fresh seafood and other locally sourced dishes for a tasty lunch on the water.

Wax Apple

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Activities offered at La Sagesse

After a tour of the farm, a visit to La Sagesse is far from over. Travelers can use the onsite kayaks, boogie boards, and other equipment on the sandy beach.Visitors often enjoy splitting their time on the property learning about the flora of Grenada, then hitting the ocean for the rest of the day for some fun in the surf.

La Sagesse Nature Center Beach

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Recuperating after a busy day

Exploring Grenada can be a thrill, but all the activity can leave travelers exhausted. Luckily, when guests return to Laluna, there are plenty of relaxation options for individuals and couples. The resort’s helpful staff can reserve time at the spa for guests, or point them to a rejuvenating yoga class. A meal at the resort’s Italian restaurant is a perfect finish to a fun-filled day, allowing guests to refuel for their next adventure in this sunny destination.