Unusually Long Winter Getting You Down? Escape to Grenada!

Even though the first day has spring has come and gone, it seems like the US and Canada can’t catch a break when it comes to the unseasonably chilly weather. Don’t let the cold get you down! A quick escape to Grenada can clear all of those winter blues. Below are the main reasons that Grenada is the ideal Caribbean getaway:

La Sagesse Nature Center

Ease of travel

Grenada is a simple, direct flight from Miami, New York, or Toronto. Even if you’re not traveling from one of those major metropolitan areas, most travelers don’t require more than two flights to reach us. If traveling from the United States or Canada, all that you need is your passport. Travelers are welcomed to Grenada with refreshing punch at the airport gates, and after a quick stop at immigration and customs, are ready to start their vacation wholeheartedly. After a quick taxi ride to the nearby Laluna, guests can get their Grenada escape underway.


Warm weather, year round

At 12 degrees north of the equator, Grenada maintains a warm, consistent temperature year round. You can look forward to escaping the blustery cold of the north to sunny days and temps in the mid-80s. Forget packing jackets, long pants, and cozy sweaters; all you need at Laluna is a swimsuit, breezy sundresses, shorts, and light weight tops.

Relax in the spa

Outdoor activities, no matter the season

Forget huddling indoors wishing that the weather would break freezing; in Grenada, you can enjoy outdoor pursuits year-long. Get out on the water for some snorkeling at the underwater sculpture garden, or even a half-day sailing at sea in an original wooden schooner. If land activities are more your speed, take a hike to one of Grenada’s beautiful waterfalls, or go up to Grand Etang and feed the local mona monkeys.

 South Grenada Regatta

Relaxation in the sun

Many guests want nothing more than to enjoy the warm Caribbean sun and do nothing while they are on vacation. Luckily, Laluna is perfect for that. Relax on the private veranda of your cottage suite, and take dips in your plunge pool to cool off. Head down to the beach and soak up the rays on a poolside lounge chair, or chill by the pool sipping tropical drinks. Your friends will all envy your sun-kissed glow when you return home.

Laluna Resort