Traveling to Grenada: A Quick Guide

While international travel can at times be daunting, a trip to Grenada is actually quite easy and stress free. Below you will find what you need to know when planning on traveling to Grenada.

Laluna Resort


No immunizations are needed – or required – to enter Grenada. If you are currently on any medication, it is recommended that you bring what you will need for your stay; however, local pharmacies do carry a selection of everyday medication should you forget something.

Flying In

Many airlines offer flights into Grenada, including American Airlines, Caribbean Airlines, British Airways, Virgin, Air Canada, and Delta. Direct flights are available from select locations, and depending on your departure city, you will likely fly through either JFK, Miami, or Toronto. The majority of flights arrive in Grenada in the evening; however, there are select flights that will land in the morning.

Air Travel

Entering Grenada

For travelers arriving from the United States, the UK, or Canada, no travel visa is required. Customs and Immigration will need to see a valid passport (or proof of citizenship with a photo), and will provide entry to the country for no more than three months.

What to Pack

Grenada’s climate remains relatively stable throughout the year. While there are technically two seasons, “dry” from January to May and “wet” from June to December, both feature temperatures hovering around 80 degrees F. Even in wet season, rainstorms are can be short-lasted, leaving plenty of time to soak up the sun. Just in case, a travel umbrella is good to have on hand for unexpected rain bursts.

We recommend bringing lightweight, warm weather clothing. As casual chic resort, there is no need for anything too formal at Laluna; our five S’s of packing are: Shorts, sundresses, swimsuits, sandals, and sunscreen. Pack some active wear to enjoy yoga at our beachfront yoga pavilion and hiking in the rainforest, or purchase a Lululemon piece from our on-resort shop.

Yoga Mat and Bolster

What to Leave at Home

Unless you are especially partial to your own “gear” and wish to bring it with you, Laluna provides everything needed for a great day on the island. If you are interested in yoga, we offer yoga mats for rental, and classes include access to blocks and bolsters. All resort-offered water sports include everything needed, including masks and fins for snorkeling. We even have mountain bikes available should you wish to take a two-wheeled adventure. If there is an activity you are interested in that isn’t listed on our activities page or that you are unsure of equipment availability, please check with the Concierge for more information.

If you have any questions about traveling to Grenada, our helpful staff will be happy to answer them!