Take a Day Trip to Sandy Island from Grenada

While a visitor to Grenada could spend their whole vacation enjoying the beautiful beaches the island has to offer, there are also several smaller sister islands that make for incredible, fun and relaxing day trips. Travelers can make arrangements through Laluna’s Concierge Service to ferry over to it’s sister island of Carricou, and visit the smaller Sandy Island, which sits right off Carriacou’s west coast. Sandy Island boasts some of  the best snorkeling spots in all of the Caribbean, and thanks to its stunning (and classic) Caribbean look, complete with perfect white sand and gently swaying palm trees, Sandy Island has been used as backdrops for commercials.

Sandy Island Grenada

Source: Grenada Board of Tourism

Sandy Island can be a pit stop on a sailing cruise to the other smaller Grenadine Islands, or if you have arrived in Carricou by ferry or small aeroplane, water taxis or local fishing boats take travelers to the island for a small fee, which can be planned ahead of time at the resort.

Sandy Island Map

While there are no facilities on Sandy Island, part of the charm is its remote location and secluded shores. Guests can beat the crowds on some of the larger beaches experienced in peak season by sailing to the island, bringing a lunch and soaking up the sun. Sometimes visitors can catch local fisherman offering barbecued fresh catch and coconut water for purchase. On a quiet day, travelers may not see another person, sharing space only with the wildlife, which includes a healthy bird population of hummingbirds, herons and Caribbean blackbirds.

With its gentle, clear waters and mild temperatures, many travelers will visit Sandy Island for snorkeling and diving too. Small reefs and tide pools encircle the beaches, making it easy to spot colorful marine life, such as fish and hermit crabs.

Given its beauty and hidden gem feel, a trip to Sandy island from Grenada can be the perfect compliment to a Caribbean vacation.