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So Many Things to be Thankful for in Grenada

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While our Thanksgiving has come and gone. we would like to wish all of our American friends a very happy American Thanksgiving today! We’re serving a traditional, yet Laluna-fied, Thanksgiving meal today at the restaurant, and we know that for many a holiday tradition is listing what you are thankful … Read More

Staying Relaxed During the Holiday Season in Laluna’s Wellness Sanctuary

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Even though the holidays are filled with love and cheer, they can also be a stressful time. Between running around finding the perfect gift, dealing with holiday traffic, and trying to see everyone in a finite amount of time, many people end the holiday season feeling worn down. Luckily for … Read More

A Front Row View of Grenada’s Stunning Sunsets

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Even if you’ve never been to the island, you probably know that Grenada is well-known for its spices, tropical weather, and beautiful beaches. What you may not have heard is that our sunsets are also out-of-this-world spectacular. There are many ways to enjoy a sunset in Grenada; below our some … Read More

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A Most Romantic Valentine’s Day in Grenada

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There is no better place to spend Valentine’s Day than at Laluna Resort in Grenada. Our boutique resort is the perfect location to get away from it all and rediscover your love connection. The Location Grenada’s warm Caribbean temperatures will have you forgetting all about the frosty air at home. … Read More

Plan a Grenada Valentine’s Day Getaway

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Now that the official holiday season is over, vacationers have some time to relax and start thinking about their next getaway to the alluring island of Grenada. When travelers are looking for romance, the beautiful Laluna Resort is the ideal spot for relaxation, indulgence, and intimacy. What better time to … Read More

Grenada Hot Springs

A Relaxing Day at Grenada Hot Springs

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Discovering the hidden gems throughout Grenada can be the highlight of a tropical trip. For instance, this island has a selection of secluded and relaxing hot springs, many of which are open to the public. They can be found throughout the area, especially inland through dense jungles and vegetation. With … Read More