Step Inside Grenada’s Charming and Interesting Museum

Some travelers may think of museum visits as being reserved for big cities, but the sunny island of Grenada has it’s own gem of a historical center as well. The Grenada National Museum is full of fascinating exhibits and unique items that allow travelers a look into the personality and history of the island. Located in the town of St. George’s, the museum is the ideal gathering place for locals and tourists alike to celebrate the traditions of Grenada in a special way.

Grenada Museum

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Planning a visit to the museum

Located in a historic building constructed in 1704 that has served as a hotel, warehouse and even female prison, the museum is a short taxi or reggae bus ride from Laluna resort. Take advantage of Laluna’s concierge services for assistance with arranging travel to the museum.

What to see and do 

Exhibits are divided into sections, including First Inhabitants, Technology, Plantation Economy, Slavery and Whaling Archeology. Items including pottery, old rum stills, antique furniture and more are on display. Visitors can also find specimens of coral, butterflies and other animals that inhabit the island, giving guests a closer look at the wildlife. Multimedia, such as a video showing how a cruise ship met it’s ultimate demise off the coast in the 1960s, can be watched and is included in the admission.

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Special highlights

Not only are there great exhibits to see, but the museum also hosts a variety of events throughout the year. For instance, they feature a fantastic Jazz night where local musicians showcase their talents; on other nights, there are poetry reading and dance performances, so it can be useful to call ahead to find out what’s happening during a trip.

Insider tip

The Museum Bistro above the Grenada National Museum is a hidden favorite. Ask the Laluna concierge to make you a lunch reservation and turn your history trip into a leisurely day-date!