Step Back in Time in Grenada on a Wooden Bus Tour

Take a step back in time with wooden bus tour of Grenada. The island’s first means of transportation, the original wooden busses feature padded wooden benches for passengers and are open sided, removing the need for windows. Used until foreign vehicles – mostly imported from Japan – became available in Grenada in the 1970s, these colorful buses are still seen roaming around the island. Used primarily for tours, a ride on a wooden bus returns us to a time on the island of beautiful simplicity.
Wood Bus in Grenada
About the busses
The busses often reflected the character of the driver. Drivers would name their vehicle, with monikers reflecting hometown pride, personality traits, or the price of a ride. You would often see busses on the roads of Grenada with names ranging from Providence Pride, to Content, to Four Pence. You can see this tradition carried on with today’s Reggae Busses – from King Elvis to Mr. Faithful, drivers today are just as proud of their ride as they were back in the day of the wooden bus. What would your busses name be?
Arranging a ride
Pop by Laluna’s Concierge Services┬áto arrange an island tour on a wooden bus.