Start Planning Your Grenada Holiday Travel

We don’t know about you, but as summer draws to an end we can’t help but begin daydreaming about our next vacation. For many, that means holiday travel. The good news is that all that planning and fantasizing is not for nothing! Did you know that experts say that travel planning is actually a great form of stress relief? Here we go into detail about Grenada holiday travel and what Laluna is like during the holiday season.

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Grenada Holiday Travel Planning Tips
In addition to increasing your happiness quotient, it’s also smart to start planning well in advance for holiday travel. Particularly when when planning for international travel, it truly is the sooner the better. You’ll have a greater selection of flights, and the best choice of seats. DeltaCaribbean AirlinesAmerican AirlinesBritish AirwaysVirgin Atlantic, and Air Canada all offer flights to Grenada. Each offer travel on a slightly different schedule, so it is our recommendation to find your flights before setting aside vacation time or making a final booking on your room.

Planning Tips

A passport is required to travel to Grenada from the United States, Canada, and the UK, and planning your trip now gives you plenty of time to make sure your passport is still valid. There’s nothing worse than realizing a week before your holiday that your passport just expired!

The Holidays at Laluna
Laluna is a wonderful place to visit during the holiday season. Whether you would like to take a quick 4-day Thanksgiving weekend getaway and take advantage of our Chillout Special, or a longer vacation to encompass Christmas and New Year’s Eve, we offer special packages to maximize your vacation bliss, as well as special events and meals to ensure that the holidays feel like the holidays, even without the snow.

Laluna Resort

On American Thanksgiving, our talented chef and kitchen team pull out all of the stops to create a traditional Thanksgiving meal. View last year’s Thanksgiving menu.

For Christmas, we make over our Sunset Lounge and Italian restaurant with thousands of twinkly lights, glowing lanterns, and unique decorative touches. A local choir entertains guests with carols, and although the warm weather may play tricks on your senses, you will find yourself in the holiday spirit. We serve special meals on Christmas Eve and Christmas, including a beach barbecue where we move the tables out of the restaurant and dine by the sea on Chef’s grilled specialties. View last year’s Christmas menus.

New Year’s Eve is a full-out celebration at Laluna, with a New Year’s dinner and party. View last year’s New Year’s details.

Post-Holiday Travel
For some, the warm and fuzzies of vacation continue on even once the trip is over. Travelers that claim to have felt “very relaxed” on vacation feel “an increase of happiness after the trip”, with the post-vacation high lasting for as long as two weeks following travel. What a great way to start off the New Year! Even once you’ve left the warm, tropical island of Grenada, your good mood will follow you. With Laluna’s Asian Spa, beachfront yoga pavilion, and Sunset Lounge, an escape at the resort will definitely have you feeling very relaxed.

Laluna Resort

About Visiting During the Holidays
Holiday rates are now available on the Laluna website. As an intimate, 16-cottage resort, we do book up quickly for this popular time of year, so be sure to inquire soon about your holiday travel.