Spring Cleaning for Mind, Body, and Soul in Grenada

When it comes to spring cleaning, many people think about only about decluttering their home, and forget about the most important thing: themselves. At Laluna, we believe it to be important to take time for yourself and spring clean your mind, body, and soul. There are a number of ways that you can do this in Grenada, and we promise them to be much more enjoyable than tidying up the pantry.

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Laluna’s beachfront yoga pavilion is one of a kind; set on the secluded Portici beach, there are no unnatural sounds to interrupt your flow. There is only the chirping of birds, rustling of lizards in the grass, soft breeze fluttering the leaves, and lapping of the waves on the sandy shore of the Caribbean sea. Here you will find yourself completely committed to each movement as Laluna’s professional instructors guide you in an individual or group setting. Offering Kundalini, Vinyasa, and Yin yoga, as well as Pilates, there is truly something for every skill set.

Laluna Resort Grenada



The Laluna spa is set aside in a quiet corner of our Wellness Sanctuary, and it is a peaceful place to escape to. Guests often enjoy relaxing in the library of the sanctuary following a treatment, listening to the water bubble in the pond, drinking ginger and honey tea, and keeping an eye out for geckos sunning themselves on the beams.

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Just as yoga will lengthen the muscles, massage will relax them and put you into a state of pure bliss. Our Balinese massage therapists offer a number of massage styles, including Balinese massage, four handed Indonesian, tatami, stone therapy, and more. Tell them your trouble areas or allow them to find them on their own—you may have tension spots that you didn’t even know were bothering you.

Laluna Massage

 Skin detox

After a long, hard winter, your skin is ready to be restored to its natural health and beauty. Offering a variety of facials, including one to encourage the skin to recover from environmental stress, our skilled spa staff can buff and polish your skin back to a springtime glow.

Laluna Resort Grenada

Relaxing walk on the beach

It may sound cliche and straight out of a romance novel, but there is something very relaxing about a long walk on the beach at sunset. Giving you a chance to reset your system and get back in touch with nature, a walk down our quiet beach may be just what you need.

Laluna Resort Grenada

Work out

For something a little more vigorous, sweating out the stress and toxins is a great release. The Laluna gym, outfitted with the finest Italian Technogym equipment, is a great place to escape the heat of the day and work up a sweat. With large windows overlooking Laluna’s organic garden and on to the sea, you won’t miss a second of our spectacular view, even while indoors. Should you prefer to get your exercise outdoors, mountain bikes, kayaks, and standup paddle boards are available, or we can tell you the best running paths to follow.

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We hope to see you for some “spring cleaning” soon.