Grenada Scuba Excursions

Diving under the sea in the Caribbean can be one of the most thrilling experiences travelers have while visiting this stunning part of the world. Many people choose to snorkel and swim to check out the marine flora and fauna, while those with their scuba certification can reach deeper waters and more amazing wonders.

The diverse amount of hotspots for diving around the island of Grenada make it one of the premiere locations for experiencing this thrilling activity.

Caribbean’s Largest Shipwreck

Grenada is in the middle of a busy waterway that sometimes claims ships to its watery depths. This makes for a scuba diver’s playground; divers can explore the interesting manmade vessels that are now covered in coral and other tropical species. For instance, the cruise ship Bianca C ran aground in the 1960s and now lies on an underwater sand bank. Boasting a length of more than 600 feet, the Bianca C is the Caribbean’s largest shipwreck. Other diver favorites include the nurse shark population at the freighter Hema, as well as the the Unity Courier, which is often full of stingrays.

 Dive the Bianca C with Aquanauts

Dive the Bianca C with Aquanauts

An underwater sculpture park that should not be missed

At the turn of the millennium, artist Jason deCaires Taylor wanted to do something about the damage he witnessed at the island’s coral reefs after a series of severe tropical storms. The artist decided to encourage natural growth by creating the world’s first underwater sculpture park in the warm waters near Grenada.

Jason deCaires Taylor sculptor

Jason deCaires Taylor sculptor

Massive concrete sculptures of people and things dot the sandy ocean floor while divers swim in and out of this living art. A new installation to the Marine park is in progress, with a ‘sink’ date to be announced.

New underwater sculpture installation

The new installation, image courtesy Brian Steele

Best places to see marine life

One of the most memorable things you can witness while diving around Grenada is getting up close and personal with all the colorful fish, mammals and sea plants that call the calm Caribbean ocean waters home. When venturing to the various shipwrecks, such as the Buccaneer, look for octopi that lurk in the crevices of the sunken boats. At Flamingo Bay, beginners can get their feet wet by cruising through the coral beds and keeping an eye out for rainbow runner and jack fish.

Elkhorn Fish

Courtesy Aquanauts Dive Center

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