Romantic Activities to Indulge at Laluna in Grenada

When traveling and experiencing new destinations with a special someone, nothing gets the spark going quite like experiencing new things together. Laluna Resort is the ultimate spot for couples who want to explore a beautiful location and experience all that the island of Grenada has to offer.

Enjoy some tandem kayaking

Located directly on one of Grenada’s most beautiful beaches, Laluna offers guests complimentary use of water sports equipment, including kayaks. This way, you and your loved one can explore the surrounding blue oceans at a leisurely pace in in the beautiful Caribbean sunshine. Snorkeling and swimming as a duo can also be a great avenue for relaxation and seeing some of the local, colorful marine life.

Kayak at Laluna

Try a Balinese couple’s massage

The traditional Asian spa facility onsite at Laluna is designed to allow couples to have a luxurious massage session together, offered by the expert staff. Guests leave the spa feeling relaxed and care-free.

Laluna Couples Massage

Visit nearby natural wonders

While there are plenty of things to see and do right on the Laluna Resort, many guests will also venture to other parts of the island to delight in a diverse and exciting vacation. For instance, visitors enjoy hiking to the Seven Sisters waterfall, which can be an idyllic location for a romantic picnic or swim.

Hiking at Grenada Waterfalls

Image courtesy of the Grenada Board of Tourism