Recuperate in Grenada with a Deep Tissue Massage

Many visitors to Grenada enjoy the outdoor pursuits the island has to offer. From snorkeling, to standup paddleboarding, to mountain biking, to hiking, the island has it all. With a week packed full of muscle-taxing activities, guests at Laluna Reosrt can put good use to a session of relaxation. At Laluna’s Asian Spa, guests can select the level of work their body needs. Laluna’s trained Balinese masseuses expertly guide the body to bliss using Indonesian, Tatami, or Balinese techniques. Simply pick your preferred treatment and tell the masseuse the level of pressure you like. From easy and relaxed to deep tissue, you can select what feels best to you.

Indonesian Deep Tissue Massage

About the massages

Indonesian Massage For centuries, traditional Indonesian massage has been used to renew, strengthen and heal the body. Using a combination of stretching, rolling, kneading strokes and thumb/palm pressure techniques, two therapists work side-by-side to relieve tension, improve blood flow, and rejuvenate the body during this hour long massage.

Balinese Massage Therapy Using the same technique as the Indonesian massage, one masseuse administers this traditional treatment. Combining stretching, rolling, kneading strokes and thumb/palm pressure, this massage relieves tension, improves blood flow, and rejuvenates, strengthens, renews and heals the body.

Balinese Deep Tissue Massage

Tatami Massage This unique experience is performed on the floor on a special tatami mat, surrounded by candles.In this hour long massage, the therapist works with her hands and feet to stretch and relax your muscles, creating an unforgettable experience.

Other ways to recuperate at Laluna

In addition to massage, there are other ways to rejuvenate at Laluna. Stretch sore muscles and realign with a session in our beachfront yoga pavilion, which features daily classes. Zone out and relax on your private veranda, or take a soak in your cottage suite’s plunge pool. An active lifestyle requires carbs, and our Italian chef’s delicious pasta dishes are the perfect way to refuel.

Yoga on the Beach