Planning Your SGU Family Weekend Visit in Grenada

For many, Family Weekend at St. George’s University is the first time parents of SGU students can see where their children live, study, and interact. It’s a great time to visit the island, with the school offering many arranged activities for visitors; the upcoming semester’s SGU Family Weekend is held September 13-15, 2013.

If it’s your student’s first time one the island, they may not yet be ready to play tour guide. Laluna’s helpful  Concierge Services are happy to assist in arranging any transportation, guides, and excursions you wish to participate in. Plus, when visiting a medical or veterinary student, study time must go on, leaving family members with time to enjoy the island on their own. When staying at Laluna Resort, many Family Weekend visitors are able to create a real vacation out of their trip, making a week of it and staying on longer than the three-day event.

While in Grenada for Family Weekend, here are our not-to-be-missed activities:


The marine life of the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean is breathtaking, and there are many amazing sites to snorkel around the island. For a truly unique experience, we highly recommend taking a half-day trip out to the Underwater Sculpture Park.

Underwater Sculpture Garden


Grenada’s waters are teeming with sea life; from Tuna to Mahi Mahi to Red Snapper, you’ll find it all in the depths of our waters. Rather than hitting up the local fish market, why not try your hand at catching your dinner in the crystal-clear waters of Grenada? We’ll pack you a picnic lunch and you’ll be off for a half-day fishing at sea. That night, our Chef will prepare your catch for your dinner. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!

Fishing in Grenada


The food in Grenada is out-of-this-world. Grenada’s fertile soil is the perfect planting grounds for a variety of fruits and vegetables, including avocado, mango, passion fruit, papaya, eggplant, and more. The spices grown on island, including nutmeg and cinnamon, add delicious seasoning to local dishes. Chefs from across the world have chosen to settle in Grenada, giving visitors the chance to sample international cuisine with a Caribbean flair. For instance, Laluna’s Chef is from the Calabria region of Italy, and his dishes artfully fuse Italian flavors with Caribbean accents. Whisper Cove Marina serves French cuisine, whereas the Beach House and Aquarium feature Continental Cuisine. For delicious local flavor and a unique experience rolled into one, be sure to check out Petit Bacaye, a tree-top restaurant open only for lunch.

Ceviche at Laluna

Trips into Town

A visit to Grenada wouldn’t be complete without a trip into our capitol city of St. George’s. Explore the open air market, visit the fish market, poke around the cruise ship mall, take a stroll down the Carenage, and have a look around the local shops. While in town, try the popular local dish of roti, or pop into Chelsea’s (right before the cruise ship tunnel) for some gelato featuring local flavors including sour sop and cocoa tea.

St. George's Market

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Trips to the Rainforest

Grenada isn’t just about the beaches. The island has a varied landscape, including mountains and rainforest. The Grand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve is a beautiful place to hike and explore; from the lushly forested park you’ll see stunning views of the island and find beautiful tropical flowers. Grand Etang is also home to the island’s mona monkeys, who are most playful in the morning, so be sure to head out early with a bag full of local fruit to snap some pictures with the wild monkeys. To cool off after a morning of hiking, your guide can take you to the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, a beautiful series of falls that are ideal for jumping (or swimming in, if you’re feeling a little less adventurous!).

Grenada Waterfalls

Whatever you choose to do in Grenada during your SGU Family Weekend Visit, we can help you plan your perfect trip. Laluna offers a selection of pre-planned excursions, and will also gladly arrange any other activity you care to enjoy.