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Planning a Last Minute Honeymoon

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As tradition would have it, many grooms are left with the responsibility of planning their honeymoon. With everything else going on during the wedding planning, that task can often get last to the last minute, leaving the groom scrambling for a good option. Luckily, Laluna understands this need and offers … Read More

Fly to Grenada for Mother's Day

Mother’s Day at Laluna: It’s Never Too Late for Her Dream Getaway

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Although Mother’s Day is right around the corner, it isn’t too late to plan the last minute getaway of Mom’s dreams. Here are our tips: Find a Sitter If your kids are still at home and in need of watching, be sure to find a reliable babysitter before moving forward with … Read More

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“Trash the Dress” at a Grenada Landmark

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You will treasure your wedding photographs forever; they capture all of the moments of your special day that flew by in the moment. Some couple also choose to do engagement photos and/or bridal portraits, and another trend that has been gaining in popularity are “trash the dress” photos, which give the bride … Read More

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Grenada’s First Inclusion in the Venice Biennale

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For the fist time, Grenada is being included in the largest and oldest world’s stage: la Biennale di Venezia (the Venice Biennale). Grenada joins 89 other countries who were invited to participate in this prestigious event. About the Biennale The Biennale’s roots go back to 1895 when the first International Art Exhibition … Read More

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Making Memories in Grenada

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Memories of family vacations are the ones that last a lifetime. No matter how busy you are in your everyday life, it is  important to occasionally take a pause, shut off all electronic devices, and connect with your family free of outside distractions. A villa vacation in Grenada at Laluna … Read More

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A Grenada Mother’s Day Surprise

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Year round, a mother makes sure that everyone else in her life is taken care of. She is there to fix meals, kiss skinned knees, and keep her family healthy and happy. While we appreciate moms every day, we love having the opportunity to celebrate them exclusively once a year on … Read More


Enjoying Grenada During the Cricket Test Match

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Grenada is excited to be hosting England for a cricket Test match from April 21st-25th. Cricket fans will be coming from all over the world to see the West Indian team take on the English team over the five day event. While in Grenada for the bout, there are many … Read More

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Grenada Spring Break Without the Crowds

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Spring break is a fantastic time to get away, escape lingering winter weather, and reconnect with family and friends. Unfortunately, many popular locations are overrun with others who have had the same idea, turning a relaxing vacation into a loud, stressful affair. Luckily, there is an alternative: Spring break at … Read More

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Cruising the Caribbean Sea: Sail Grenada

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Our tropical island of Grenada is known for its beautiful, crystal clear waters. Be they in a fishing boat, a yacht, or a large cruise ship, it is a favorite of sea farers. There are many ways to enjoy the seas around Grenada; here are some favorites: Take a day … Read More

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Grenada’s Best Beaches

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With over 45 beautiful beaches dotting the exterior of Grenada, our Caribbean island is a beach-lovers paradise. In Grenada, all beaches are public as long as they are accessible without having to pass through private land. It would be impossible to enjoy them all in one trip, so we have narrowed the … Read More