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Celebrating a Grenadian Hero: Kirani James Day

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On September 1st, Grenada celebrates the birthday of Kirani James, our first Olympic medalist and island icon. Grenada is quite proud of the athlete: we have roads named after him and holidays in his honor. Here, we feature Kirani, his hometown of Gouyave, and how to celebrate. Kirani’s Career Kirani, … Read More

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A Labor Day Escape: Enjoy One Last Getaway Before Summer’s End

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Summer is winding to a close, with kids heading back to school, pools getting covered up, and summer homes closing the shutters for another season. Many have used up most of their accrued vacation for the year, and are already counting the days until their next holiday. With Labor Day … Read More

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Grenada: A Chocolate Lover’s Paradise

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When many think of Grenada, they think of Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Cloves. We are, after all, the “Isle of Spice”. However, in addition to the fragrant spice trade, Grenada is also home to a burgeoning chocolate industry. Grenada’s chocolate tradition Founded in 1999, the small-batch Grenada Chocolate Company produces high … Read More


Grenada’s Unique Carnival Celebrations: It’s Time for Spicemas

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With Spicemas—Grenada’s unique version of Carnival—quickly approaching, many visitors are preparing to depart for the island, some for the first time, to take in the colorful festivities. While you may come to Grenada a visitor, taking part in Carnival will leave you feeling like a true islander by the time … Read More

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Spicemas: It’s Not Too Late to Plan Your Grenada Carnival Getaway!

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With Grenada’s Spicemas Celebrations set to kick off in just under three weeks, the island is starting to buzz with Carnival excitement. Even though the festival is quickly approaching, there is still time to plan an amazing Carnival getaway! About Spicemas Spicemas—Grenada’s unique take on Caribbean Carnival celebrations—is an exciting, … Read More

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Home Away from Home: Property Ownership in Grenada

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After one stay in Grenada, many visitors cannot get our island paradise out of their mind. Some say that they wish that they would never have to leave; while that isn’t realistic for everyone, there is another option: second-home ownership. The island is recognized as a perfect place to own … Read More

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A Child-Free Summer Escape in Grenada

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With the kids out of school for the summer, many popular vacation locations are overrun with children and their understandably frazzled parents. As parents themselves, the owners of Laluna designed the resort to be a child-free oasis for couples, allowing guests a place to get away from the every day … Read More

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A Secluded Summer Honeymoon in Grenada

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With wedding season in full swing, couples all over the world are taking flight to popular locations; some are even wisely choosing to honeymoon in Grenada. As a secluded, boutique property, Laluna is the perfect location for newlyweds to escape the craziness of wedding planning and activities and just focus … Read More

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A Luxury Group Vacation in Grenada

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An authentic gem in the Caribbean chain, Grenada is a popular vacation destination for in-the-know travelers. Couples often choose Laluna Resort for its romantic, barefoot chic vibe, and groups traveling sans children can book the entire resort as a part of the Laluna Buy Out Package. For those on a … Read More

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Guys’ Trip: A Grenada Bachelor Party Weekend

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When you hear “bachelor party”, the first thing that comes to mind for many is a “Hangover” style weekend, full of debauchery and hazy memories. Many grooms, however, have outgrown that time in their lives and are looking for something a little less toxic, while still getting a once-in-a-lifetime, memorable, … Read More