New at Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park: Vicissitudes

Housing 65 underwater sculptures in a 800 square meters radius, Grenada’s Underwater Sculpture Park is snorkeling and scuba diving paradise. Considered by National Geographic one of the top 20 places in the world to visit, the park is designed to assist the in the growth of the natural reef.

In the deep at the Underwater Sculpture Park

Sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor recently unveiled Vicissitudes, the latest sculpture to be added to the seafloor bordering Grenada. Defined as the natural change or mutation visible in nature or human affairs, Vicissitudes features a circle of 28 children holding hands in a circle. Meant to evoke ideas of unity and continuum, the inscription on the sculpture reads (in part), “Children by nature are adaptable to new situations, in this case they will be transformed by their underwater environment.”

Up close with the Vicissitudes Sculptures

Molds of the children were made four years ago and left in storage until de Caires Taylor ready to bring them to reality. The molds were sent to the artist’s Mexico studio to complete the sculptures, then the finished pieces were sent to Grenada to be fit together to form a circle.

Vicissitudes sculptures ready to be sunk

With the assistance of local dive associates, the piece will be sunk in the Underwater Sculpture Park for divers to enjoy.

The Park is a not-to-be-missed Grenada attraction. Laluna’s Diving Package offers guests the opportunity to become PADI certified over their stay and dive the local favorites. Guests that are already certified, or who would prefer to snorkel, can contact Laluna’s helpful Concierge to arrange a trip out on the water.