Laluna’s Grenada Top Five: Adventure Seekers

Grenada is an amazing vacation location. The tropical isle features access to the sea, mountains, rainforest, city, and local industry, all packed in to one 132 square mile island! Whatever you preferred vacation type, be it adventure seeking, relaxation, fitness minded, romantic, or cultural immersion, it can be found here. This is the first of a series of blogs about our top five things to do in Grenada, specific to the type of vacation you prefer. Today we offer our five favorite things to do on the island for adventure seekers.

Jumping the Falls at Seven Sisters

A series of seven consecutive falls, Seven Sisters is not only visually stunning, but is also a daredevils dream. The hike to the falls takes visitors through the beautiful forest, filled with exotic plants and wildlife. Following a walk out to the falls, guests can choose to make their way to the top waterfall and jump their way back down the series to the first, or stay at the first fall and watch their friends jump. As some of the falls have limited recommended jumping areas, a guide is required for safe jumping.

Insider tip: Head out early and stop at Grand Etang National Forest to feed the Mona Monkeys. Be sure to bring plenty of mangos and bananas to entice them out, and have your camera at-the-ready!

Jumpin Seven Sisters

Hiking Mount Saint Catherine

The highest point in Greanda, the hike to the peak of Mount Saint Catherine is on many adventurous visitor’s island “bucket list”. Cresting at 2,756 feet, the hike takes anywhere from 2.5 to 5 hours, depending on the hiker’s speed and the day’s forecast. The time of year determines the difficulty of the hike; the dirt paths that make up the trail are far easier to clamber up and down when dry than when wet and muddy. Ropes assist hikers on some of the trek’s steeper vertical climbs, and while the hike isn’t extremely technically challenging, it does require some level of physical fitness and coordination. As the path is not formally laid, a guide (which can be arranged by our helpful concierge) is strongly recommended. We recommend packing water, a snack, and a light long sleeved shirt (it gets a bit chilly – at least to us islanders! – at the top of the mountain).

Insider tip: In addition to offering amazing fresh seafood, Grenville is home to some of the best Chinese food on the island (New Thriving Restaurant on Sandal Street), so stop for a bite in town before heading back to Laluna.

Mt St Catherine

 Sliding Down Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel is nature’s playground. A short hike from the road, Mount Carmel is a tall, majestic waterfall that visitors can wade over to and stand under to cool off and grab a cool photo op. A short hike in the opposite direction takes you to a smaller set of falls, whose rock surface over time have been smoothed down to become a natural waterside. Visitors to the falls enjoy sliding down the falls and dropping down into the pool below.

Insider tip: Although sliding in a swimsuit will work, the rock surface is still bump stone, so we recommend a full bottom swimsuit or pair of shorts for sliding to avoid scrapes or abrasions.

Mount Caramel


A worldwide sport, hashing is an island favorite of locals and visitors alike. Taking place at a different location every Saturday, hashes take runners and walkers of all fitness levels through the bush, over roads, wading through water, and more, all in the name of fun and camaraderie. A fantastic way to see parts of the island otherwise unavailable in everyday life, hashing is a unique experience that will potentially leave you muddy, tired, sweaty, and exhilarated. As a group known as “drinkers with a running problem”, you can expect to find an excellent “lime” (a.k.a. party) at the end of every hash complete with beer, sodas, and delicious local food such as barbecued chicken, oil down, and waters (brothy soup).

Insider tip: Wear comfortable clothes (running shorts and lightweight tanks or tees work best) and shoes, and be sure to bring plenty of water. A change of clothes never hurts to have on hand either, in case you want to change before heading back to the resort.

Hashing in Grenada

Sea Sports at Laluna

Adventure can be found at your doorstep at Laluna. Simply wander on down to the beach and take your pick of hobie cats, sea kayaks, or standup paddleboards and begin exploring the crystal clear Caribbean Sea. Even if you’ve never before tried any of this type of equipment, beginners are welcome! Hours can be spent out on the water; don’t forget to reapply the sunscreen!

Insider tip: Each activity utilizes a different muscle group, so switch it up to keep from getting too sore!

Sea Sports at Laluna