Laluna’s Grenada Top 5: Rainy Days

Even in Grenada, where temperatures rest around 80F year-round, there is the occasional cloudy day. At Laluna, we don’t let that rain on your parade! There are multiple activities to be done on-and-off resort to fill a gray day (and possibly even leave you hoping for more).

Spa Day

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What can we say, we’re partial to pampering. The Laluna Spa is the perfect place to bliss the day away. Indulge  in a couples massage, mani, pedi, and facial while listening to the rain drum down outside the slat windows. Following spa services, enjoy a warm cup of ginger and honey tea while sitting in the tranquil relaxation area and library, overlooking the Laluna garden and yoga pavilion.

Insider tip: Return home with a selection of our all natural spa products to continue the pampering long after you’ve left Grenada.


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photo courtesy: Grenada Board of Tourism

It may seem counter intuitive to be out and about during a rainstorm, but hear us out. Oftentimes, inclement weather quickly passes, and even if it doesn’t, it is rarely chilly. With that in mind, a rainy day can often be a fun time to head out and hike to one of the island’s waterfalls. Be prepared to get muddy!

Insider tip: Talk to the Laluna concierge about planning the perfect rainy day trip. They’ll know which trails will still be navigable even when slippery.

Cuddle Up

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There is no place more comfortable than the king-sized bed in your private suite. Borrow a book from the Laluna library, order room service, and cuddle up for the day. Listening to the rain pitter-pattering on the roof may even lull you into a delightful nap.

Insider tip: While we do offer free WiFi to guests, take the chance to unwind and turn off all electronic devices for the day. Your spirit—and your travel partner—will thank you.

The “Cruise Ship” Mall

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photo courtesy: Grenada Board of Tourism

The Esplanade, also known as the “Cruise Ship” mall, is a tourist destination for duty-free items including emeralds and fine jewelry, liquor, cigars, and souvenirs. Located in downtown St. George’s near the Spice Market, the Esplanade is a great location to pick up gifts to bring home.

Insider tip: Be sure to bring your passport and departure information to ensure that you are given duty-free pricing, and a receipt for customs.

The Sunset Lounge

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While most noted for it’s impressive sunset view, our Sunset Lounge is also the perfect location to relax and hang out during the day. Under the lounge’s thatched roof, visitors can find comfortable daybeds, sofas, and chairs, perfect to sit and play a board game or read a magazine while enjoying a warm cup of coffee or tea.

Insider tip: For a warming adult beverage, ask the bartender to make you one of our specialty spiked coffees. If you’re feeling especially adventurous, ask for a shot of “under-the-counter” rum. It will warm you to your bones!