Laluna Builds and Donates a Website to the Friends of The Mentally Ill in Grenada

Earlier this year Bernardo Bertucci, owner of Laluna Resort, had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Evlyn Spencer, head of the Grenada Friends of the Mentally Ill. During this meeting the two discussed the need to improve the condition of the patient by increasing awareness. Their unique and enlightening meeting inspired Bernardo to get involved with the cause.

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About the Grenada Friends of the Mentally Ill

The Friends of the Mentally Ill is a non-governmental organization established in 1999 to assist mentally ill patients throughout the tri-island state. The aims of the organization include advocacy, education of the general public to lessen stigma associated with the patients and those who care for them, and assist in seeking employment of those capable of working. A more long term goal is to work toward construction of a half-way house.


Mental health is at times stigmatized, and there seems to be a lack of information about mental illness and the resources available for those that are mentally ill. A fantastic way to spread this type of information is online. With the goal of facilitating the flow of information, Bernardo and the staff at Laluna came together to create and donate a website for the organization.

About the Collaboration

After months of working with the Grenada Friends of the Mentally Ill, Wendy Bertucci the Marketing Manager at Laluna, is proud to announce their gift of a completed website to the organization, which was officially launched on Friday, September 20th, 2013. Ms Bertucci wis responsible in designing and implementing the website for FOMI, which includes contact information, resources, contribution information and more, the site is designed to provide information to those that need it the most. The website can be found at

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Said Bertucci, “Laluna is proud to help the wellbeing of the mentally ill in Grenada, and this website is the beginning of our collaboration with the association . We are planning on hosting a fundraiser for the organization at Laluna in late November, to raise funds to assist and improve to the Mt Gay hospital.”

Get Involved

There are a number of ways to get involved with the Grenada Friends of the Mentally Ill. The organization accepts donations of cash, time, and supplies; fundraisers are also held throughout the year. Laluna plans on holding an event with the proceeds benefitting FOMI at the end of November. Details will be posted on the FOMI site as they become available.