Home Away from Home: Property Ownership in Grenada

After one stay in Grenada, many visitors cannot get our island paradise out of their mind. Some say that they wish that they would never have to leave; while that isn’t realistic for everyone, there is another option: second-home ownership. The island is recognized as a perfect place to own property, having even been named one of the “World’s Top 20 Places for the Good Life” by the Telegraph. For those considering property ownership in Grenada, a Villa at Laluna Estate can be an ideal choice.

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There are many things to take into account when considering second-home ownership. Who will look after the property while you are away? Is  there a way to offset the cost? Will it still feel like a vacation? How do you know that you are making a sound investment? How realistic is it that you will be able to get away to the location often? Are you even eligible to own land in that location? Here, we look into it all.

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Property management

While the idea of owning a second home in a location as beautiful as Grenada is a fantasy for many, the reality can soon set in once they return home and aren’t sure what is happening on their property while they are away. All of the Villas at Laluna Estate come with a Management Agreement, in which Laluna’s staff will take care of the Villa while you are away. From clearing away branches to checking on appliances to cleaning the pool, we ensure that your Villa stays well maintained and ready for your arrival.

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Investment offset

Villa ownership at Laluna gives investors the ability the recoup some of their capital via vacation rental without having to facilitate it themselves from afar. Villas at Laluna Estate come exclusively managed in-house, and the villa owner can put their unit in the Laluna rental pool and make some money while not using it. The revenue is split 70 % owner – 30% laluna

Geared towards families and groups, the rental prices range up to $3,000 US per night, depending on the number of bedrooms leased and the time of year.

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A wise choice

While Laluna Estates has been under development for only a few years, its sister property—Laluna Resort—has a solid thirteen year history. Much like the resort, the Estates have been constructed under the watchful eye of Laluna owner Bernardo Bertucci, leaving no detail under-considered. Designed by architect Salvatore Perna, the Villas could be described as a perfect marriage of quality meeting luxury. During the process, Bernardo has put a lot of time and effort into the Villas and has used only first class materials, importing the majority of them from Italy. Of course, owners are able to customize their new Villa’s furnishings to meet their own aesthetic vision.

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Best of both worlds

Sometimes owning a vacation property takes the fun out of traveling. The idea of having to clean, stock a kitchen, and arrange for all activities individually can be a bit of a hassle. With that in mind, the Villas at Laluna Estate offer a variety of services to ensure that your stay still feels like a vacation. Options include pre-arrival grocery services, housekeeping, babysitting, and even a personal chef. Additionally, every owner is granted full access to Laluna Resort’s amenities including the bar and swimming pool, the beach and water sports, the Asian spa, the restaurant, and the beachfront yoga pavilion.

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Ease of travel

Owning property in a foreign land is only practical if you are able to easily reach it. With regular international flights from locations including the United States, Canada, and Europe, a second home in Grenada is easily accessible from around the world. Direct flights from New York, Miami, and Toronto make it a quick trip south, and it seems like more flights are being added every time you look at the schedules. For those that wish to take more time and sail to the island, property ownership at the Estate includes a 30-year yacht berth at Port Louis Marina.

photo courtesy: Joshua Yetman

photo courtesy: Joshua Yetman

Land ownership

Finally, and probably most importantly of all, is whether you are eligible to own land in the country you choose to invest in. Grenada is known for its easy to navigate land ownership policies, which Laluna has made even more accessible to investors by securing government incentives. With the goal of adding more tourism room stock to the island, the government of Grenada is allowing Laluna Estate investors to secure their Villas without any purchase tax. In addition, Grenada recently passed a “Citizenship by Investment” program that allows for the potential for land owners to gain Grenada citizenship.

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There are so many reasons that property ownership in Grenada, specifically at Laluna Estate, is the right choice. Please contact Bernardo Bertucci bb@laluna.com for more information.