Hashing: Experience Adventure in Grenada

With Grenada’s rolling hills, lushly forested mountains, babbling brooks, and backwoods trails, the island is an adventurer’s paradise. A favorite weekend activity of outdoors-loving Grenadians and visitors is hashing. With a history dating back to the early 1900s, hashing is based on a hare and hound race. The hare(s) set a trail by laying down a shredded paper trail, and when, “On on!” is yelled, hash participants follow the trail-sometimes with false trail off-shoots-on a circuitous route back to the beginning.


Hashing in Grenada

Following age old hashing traditions, the local kennel (group) of Grenada Hash House Harriers knows how to give visitors to the island a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Hashing takes place all over the Grenada-one weekend it might be near the Grand Etang Rainforest, and the next you might find yourself on the sandy shores of La Sagesse beach-and one thing is certain: you’ll get to see parts of the island that no tour guide would take you to.

Hashing Trail

What to expect

During the run, hashers shout key phrases including, “on on”, “on back”, “are you?”, and “checking” to help their fellows find their way. With two trails-an easier, shorter one for walkers and a longer, more difficult one for runners-anyone can enjoy a hash, regardless of fitness level. Whether running or walking, don’t forget to occasionally pause to take in the view.

La Sagesse Beach

Time to lime

If the motto “drinkers with a running problem” tells you anything, it’s that hashing isn’t simply about outdoor pursuit. In Grenada, “liming” is a term used to describe hanging out and having a good time. At a hash, it’s almost like a block party. Balancing liming with running, hashing is the perfect activity for those that like to get into nature while cutting loose. Once runners and walkers return from the trail-often mud-flecked, exhausted, and exhilarated-the party begins. With a DJ, barbecue, and drinks available, hashers enjoy unwinding and commiserating over a cold beer and piece of chicken.

What to pack for hashing:

  • Shoes: Whether you prefer to hike in boots, Teva-style sandals, or Five Finger Shoes, wear something that will be comfortable wet, dry, or muddy and over any sort of terrain.
  • Clothing: Wear something you don’t mind getting muddy. Hashes begin in the afternoon, under the warm Grenada sun, so shorts and a t-shirt are recommended. You may also want a hat or sunglasses.
  • Cash: “Hash Cash”, which goes into the general hashing fund, is $2EC per person. Beer is steal at 3 for $10EC prices, and trust us-after a long hash, nothing tastes quite as good as a cold Carib. You can’t properly lime without food, and each hash is catered by local cooks. A hash is a great place to try local dishes; oil down, waters, and barbecued chicken with potato salad are standard fare, and run about $10EC a plate.
  • A sense of adventure: Hashing will have you scrambling up mountains, sliding down hillsides, shimmying along waterfalls, and wading through creeks. If you’re up for anything, there is nothing more fun than hashing.
  • A camera: You’ll want to be sure to catch all of the sights on your hash. From sweeping views to baby goats, these are memories you’ll want to capture.

Grenada Goats

To find out where the hash will be when you are on the island, and for more information on hashing in Grenada, join the Grenada Hash House Harriers group.

In our opinion, a Saturday filled with rigorous activity is best followed by a Sunday of relaxation and bliss. We recommend hitting up a morning yoga class, followed by a delicious breakfast in Laluna’s Italian restaurant and capped off with a Balinese massage in the resort’s Asian Spa.